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Preserve her health. Did you not read Doe vs. Bolton, on what the definition of ‘health’ is?The analysis is based on the quote from Bolton itself.

BTW, do you think the legislator doesn’t even know what her own bill says? You know better than her>?


all factors — physical, emotional, psychological, familial, and the woman’s age — relevant to the well-being of the patient

That is the meaning of health. Emotion problems, woman too young or too old, psychological issues. All subjective. That is a reason for it to occur.


Doe v Bolton has been on the books since 1979. Maybe you can give some statistics as to how many late term abortions were performed for trivial reasons?

As far as Tran? Even she said she “misspoke.”

When a Republican lawmaker asked during the hearing whether the bill would allow for an abortion to occur when a woman is in labor and about to give birth, Tran said yes.

But on Thursday, Tran, a mother of four, corrected herself. “I should have said: ‘Clearly, no, because infanticide is not allowed in Virginia, and what would have happened in that moment would be a live birth.’ ”


There is 1.3 percent of abortions after 21 weeks, according to the CDC.

The majority of abortions in 2015 took place early in gestation: 91.1% of abortions were performed at ≤13 weeks’ gestation; a smaller number of abortions (7.6%) were performed at 14–20 weeks’ gestation, and even fewer (1.3%) were performed at ≥21 weeks’ gestation.

There is about 885,000 abortions every year, or that specific year. 885,000 X 1.3 =11, 505 deaths after 21 weeks. 1.3 percent doesn’t sound like much but that comes out to quite a bit, 11,505. However, unless you say all these professional doctors who said there is absolutely no reason to kill a baby are lying. There is no itemization of the reasons for those 11, 505 abortion murders.


preserve her health, and that includes mental health.


Great. So you’ve said a small percent of abortions are late term. You have no information as to why they were performed or if they were indicated. We’re back to using slippery slope and hypotheticals. Zero objective data to confirm your fears.


What point are you trying to make? That mental health is made up? It’s not real or important? That because we cannot measure mental well being like blood pressure or blood sugar it’s to be dismissed?


I’ve got doctors that said there is no reason to perform abortions, doctors don’t know what they say. All they have to do is deliver the baby, in that last Trimester instead of killing it. You still try to preserve the life, if the baby dies, it dies. They changed the wording as Tran herself reiterated, to exactly open it up to make it easier to kill that baby and you ignore that. Forget about her saying one mistake. Hear the rest of that in the video I gave, it was 6 minutes. Used to be 3 doctors had to verify, now one. Used to be in a hospital in order to do it, now, not so. It used to be ‘severe mental’ issues, now it just ‘mental’ issues. Also Northam specifically lied when he said that more than 1 doctor needs to certify it, there is a need for 3, and it is changing from 3 to 1. And he specifically said ‘not viable or defects’. Heck a defect can be anything. A person missing a finger, a mentally handicapped person, that is totally subjective. Handicapped people. There are some of these conditions that don’t come until the last trimester, and that person can decide to terminate because they don’t want to deal with that. If a mother can not kill a person after the person is born with a defect lets say one year after birth, why is it ok to kill that baby because it is in the womb. 11,505 babies killed by the way is not a small number. Since 11,505 you consider small, that just shows how horrible that murder of 885,000 really is.


So now you’re rapidly alternating between mother’s health and fetal viability. I’ll put my faith in the ACOG over cherry picked OBs any day when it comes to medically justified abortion. The mother’s health and fetal viability both have objective and subjective components. I’ll let the physcian and mother make the decision when things aren’t simple and straightforward.


To bad Fetuses in the womb couldn’t vote.
If they could, the Democratic Politicians would allow them too, and then
they would be against Abortion!!!

Whatever gets them the vote right?


Yet just about every lib on this board who has supported the propriety of 3rd trimester abortions has said things like: “These are babies the mother WANTED and had no choice but to abort because of (this-or-that tragic circumstance) …”

The challenge to reasoning for such abortions should cut both ways.


I don’t recall saying that. I’m not pro-abortion, but I am pro-choice. I’d hope that every pregnancy would be brought to full term if possible. Sometimes it’s not. We have some restrictions in place, but ultimately the choice to have an abortion is not my decision to be made.

If someone wants to make the assertion that otherwise viable late term pregnancies are being aborted without justification, that’s for them to prove.


You are being disingenuous in this OP. The issue is that the child is seriously ill, deformed, or not capable of having any quality of life. Says so right there on your video.

We make decisions like this for the elderly all the time. We make decisions like this for the brain dead all the time. Do you, Snow, know what it does to families who have no recourse but to care for a child with severe cerebral palsy, who can’t even lift his head? I do. Professionally its what i do. Its gut wrenching. These parents have sacrificed everything. They live with the guilt of putting their children through this for 30, 40, 50 years. Not all do of course. But many i know and work with do.

If they had an option to say…i can’t put my child thru this…they should be able to just let them slip away. It is no different then what my mom, sister and I had to decide for my dad 6 months ago. Sure he could still be alive today if we put him on a vent…tubebfed him and all that. But what life is that. The decision we made certainly wasn’t murder, I bear no guilt in my decision.

Your argument is a selfish one. Not that you are selfish, but the argument is. I believe abortion is wrong in a healthy pregnancy. But in these cases like the governor is talking about. It’s up to the individual family…parents to decide.

One the way to the hospital 21 years ago to give birth to our second. I told my wife…anything happens…i save you first. We already were a family. I chose my son having his mommy…not a single dad raising two kids by himself. Gut-wrenching. But that was what we agreed on…and if it came to it. It wasn’t going to be murder like you put it.

A person can’t judge someone on these decisions until they have to make them.

Again. Aborting a healthy fetus is wrong. but not at all what the Governor is talking about.


The key piece of info that gets passed over is that this most horrendous abomination was defeated.



What point are you trying to make? That mental health is made up? It’s not real or important? That because we cannot measure mental well being like blood pressure or blood sugar it’s to be dismissed?

The point I am making here is that a mental issue should not be a reason for killing the baby in the womb. Mental issues don’t give a right to kill a person one years old, out of the womb, by what right does a mental issue give one the right to kill a person, in the womb at all, but especially if it is in the third trimester,.


I’m hopeful your comments are because you’ve never been around severe mental illness. So we should force those with severe prenatal depression to carry to term? A suicide during pregnancy means two deaths. Sound good?