Christian Music and Republicans


I do enjoy being a Conservative so very very much! Even though I have certain view points that would be considered moderate to the middle, being a Conservative is a lot more fun intellectually, because the opposition is so irrational, and illogical, on most things.
Democrats enjoy mocking Christian beliefs, and yet everyone must respect their right to have a belief, and respect their beliefs or else! Or else, they’ll sue you, or complain, or whine about it, or do something radical. Conservatives have to just take it for the most part.


Do you find it boring or comforting to embrace such a binary perception of reality? Maybe a little of both?


well, I want to live a boring and normal life, and that would make me happy in life and be content. But I doubt that I’ll ever get that wish, so for now I’ll not enjoy living on the edge.
Get what I want or not. Happy or sad, I will still always be myself.


That’s a good boy


Years and years ago, when I was first starting to really get into politics, I was listening to the Rush Limbaugh radio show. Back then, I could hardly stand to look at either one of the Clinton’s or hear them speak, because of how evil I think that they’re. Then Rush had a short segment of Hillary speaking, then he countered it with a dog barking. Now I can stand to listen to stupid and immoral Democrats talk, because every time they do, I simply mix it with bark, bark, bark, bark, bark, bark, and I can’t stand to listen to them. lmao. I think the right word for you right now would be projecting.


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I have no idea what you’re talking about?


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Music can induce positive religious experience, or can conjure demonc experience.

It doesn’t have to a specific style. Lots of Country music can be very negative.

Some incredible religious classics, Oh come ye all Faithful etc. or Classical. without vocals can be very religious.

Gospel music can be very inspirational, some hard rock can be positive religious and some demonic.

There are some old rock songs that are actually scolding the faithless from a strict, egoless point of view. My favorite old Rock group was the Yardbirds and many of their lyrics were coming from a very Religious perspective, because of influence of two of the band members, but most people didn’t penetrate the meaning, because they weren’t very commercially oriented and might be interpreted only philosophically.

This one comes to mind:



Hey guys, I just had an important thought. I really can’t stand people who disagree with me about politics. They’re like, stupid. Probably most of the music I hate is something they like. Also they smell funny. Discuss.


I think it is an historically established fact that OWS became pretty ripe there for a while.


The only tolerable “christian” music to me is the stuff that is rock oriented and can be interpreted multiple ways. For instance, this song by Skillet (a christian rock band). You can spin the lyrics into a very religious meaning about someone who is weary with the world and how god breathes strength and life into them or you can interpret it as being in love with someone who does the same for you.


Personally, I find that most animals are better than most humans. They’re simple. They give a person unconditional love, and ask very little in return. Just don’t abuse them like Michael Vick the liberal scum. Feed them, love them, and put a roof over their heads, and they will add years onto your life from happiness. Personally, I wish that I could become sketzaphrenic, because my curse to me anyways is my knowledge. I don’t want it! But I have it, and there is nothing that I can do to get rid of it.


What politics has Vick espoused that led you to the conclusion he’s liberal?


He hurt little doggos. Libs hate puppies. Not one of them ever cried when Ole Yeller died.


I dunno, Animal Shelters = SOCIALISM


PETA kills puppies.


Christian music is definitely uplifting and inspiring, and brings hope.

There is definitely a comparison. Just look at Taylor Swift. She was dropped by her country
Label because she is fake and not authentic, and she’s far from country. She sold out simply for politics, ratings, money, and power a long time ago. It sucks also, because I’m sure a lot of young girls look up to her, and she was intentionally made into a sex symbol. How do you think that will make little girls want to dress and act? Maybe we should ask the Disney channel? Or Raven-Symoné? You know one of those Democrats that said she would leave the country if Trump became President? But instead of leaving after he won, she stayed and got her own show on Disney channel. Or as I like to call it “Liberal learning for children.” lol.


that’s not true. Her contract with Big Machine expires in November, she and Big Machine are negotiating new terms. As of todays date, I don’t believe a deal has been finalized. so… she wasn’t dropped.