Canadian serial killer convicted of 8 count of murder


The high profile case will enter sentencing next week after the killer plea guilty to 8 count of 1st degree murder between 2010-2018.

A year after his arrest sent shock and anger through Toronto, Bruce McArthur on Tuesday morning admitted to killing eight men from 2010 to 2017.

The self-employed landscaper was arrested in January 2018, after years of speculation within Toronto’s Gay Village that a group of men who had gone missing from the neighbourhood were somehow connected.

From then on, McArthur, a stocky, bearded man who had worked part time as a mall Santa, was referred to as an alleged serial killer. The case has been covered around the world.


Evil in flesh…


I dont understand how people think this way


Same I’m glad he is finally behide bars I have a few friends who live in the areas where the killing were happening people were scared to go out alone.


Ya that would scare the ■■■■ out of me


I do understand Dexter though


Thankfully Canada has life sentencing now.


Sounds like Des Plaines, Illinois serial killer John Wayne Gacy.

His story was told in the film “To Catch a Killer”, with Brian Dennehy playing him; may still be available on YouTube, or if not there, Amazon.

The film kept me awake on my nights off—and Gacy is long dead. Scary there are people like this in the world.


Gary Ridgway, Washington State’s Green River Killer, I think holds the record. He confessed to killing 71 people, mostly teenage girls.