Black actor beaten and almost lynched by mask wearing thugs


I didn’t say it was over but there has been an exhaustive investigation involving local, state, and federal officers pouring hundreds of man hours into trying to find anything to support his claims.


Three people each working eight hour shifts for four days is 96 hours, so yeh, hundreds of hours sounds about right.


Even if we assume each of the 3 agencies only has 2 people each assigned to the case that’s 48hrs a day assuming they aren’t putting in any OT.


Think about it.

Officer interviewed him twice. So time there. They have been pulling and reviewing video of who knows how many places, then expanded that. They would have been looking in the area on foot around where the incident and spreading out who knows how far in every direction looking for evidence on the street. You’ve got office support staff, Feds invoved so a few of them. going on a few days now . . . and on things like this, the most important time is as soon as after reported as possible. Hundreds of hours is a distinct possability.