Black actor beaten and almost lynched by mask wearing thugs


Highly embellished and exaggerated is what many of us think. Something may have happened but not the way being told.

Just like on a daily basis there are accusations of police using racist, sexist, or other inappropriate language toward women and minorities on traffic stops. Then the dash cam is released and none of it happened other than the traffic stop.

Just like this case where a black woman was arrested for DUI. After she was released she accused the officer of sexual assaulting her during the arrest. National race baiters like Talcum X (Shaun King) jumped on the bandwagon calling for the crucifixion of the racist officer. The officer as well as another in the same state with the same name began receiving death threats to them and their families. Then the body and dash cams were released and it was the most uneventful and polite arrest on both sides you can imagine. Even the woman’s lawyer immediately apologized to the officer.


Latest, I trust AP on this one.



Two pictures of people in black walking toward a camera (no face, can’t tell how tall, can’t tell if male or female), then a second with them walking away from a camera.

HUNDREDS of hours of tape reviewed and that’s all they have is two people somewhat in the area at somewhat time it occured. They don’t even know if they are involved or not.


How about the time the black actress Daniel Watts was having sex in a car in broad daylight in LA. Cops were called because two people were having public sex. Watts accused the cops (both of whom were minorities themselves but asian and hispanic) of being racist and all other kinds of things. Media and those who wanted fly the virtue signalling black victim card were all over it just like this current case.

Then the audio was released (before bodycams but one of the officers was running a digital audio recorder). The cops were professional and polite and Watts was out of control. She ended up being ordered by the courts to apologize for her slander against the cops.

Many of us have seen these over the top stories of racism and claims where its all turned out to be lies too many times before. Thats why I was immediately skeptical of this current one because it sounds exactly like what a race baiter would dream up rather than something that actually happens. For sure racist attacks can and do happen but they happen in fairly routine and normal ways, not like something out of a poorly written Hollywood script.


Okay I’m giving fair warning here. First of all PJ Media – to me – is almost in the category of broken clock media. You know the type – right with 1 or 2 facts then all the rest is crap.

But ~IF~ a lot of this is true it brings up a lot of questions in my mind.

  • Chicago Police initially denied the “MAGA” claim based on their initial interview. Smollett only added that detail in a second interview, after it had already been widely reported.

You would think that would be an important thing to tell the cops in the first interview.

  • When police officers arrived at the residence, Smollett was still wearing the rope around his neck 45 minutes after the incident, was reluctant to provide a statement, and asked for their body cameras to be turned off.

Officers were not called to the scene where the assult occured. Who leaves a rope around their next for 45 minutes? Who leaves a rope around their neck while they walk to where they are staying? And why was he reluctant to provide a statement?

  • Police have been unable to obtain any video evidence of the assailants or their vehicle.

With as many camera’s as there are in today society, you would ~think~ that there would be some footage of someone, anyone close to the sandwitch shop he said he just left. The only thing police have found it two people dressed in black walking on a public street at 2 am in a large city. We don’t know how far from the location, or the time frame of when then were walking.

just a lot of things starting to not add up in this.


CJ…I thought you had witnesses? Are they coming forward?


Do race baiters and Homophobic baiters vote for Trump? Do they embelish events to fit their political narrative?


The onslaught has been horrendous. But I am hanging in there.

I guess I am fully deserving because I am actually just a bad person.


The more I read and hear, the less I am believing this.



If they had reported that a black actor was beaten up for being a homosexual I would have believed the story.

They went to far with the noose, along with the bleach and the MAGA statement. I was even reading this morning that he walked home after the attack and then called the police who responded after about 45 minutes. The whole time he never took the noose off. He just wore it around his neck while walking back home and in his home while waiting for the police. I guess the bleach must have been on him the whole while too.

Oh Well… CJ says their are witnesses to the attack. Let’s see what they say.


Exactly. Black people and gays do get beat up and sometimes it is because of their race or orientation. But all the embellishments added to this story make it seem highly phony.

People fabricate stories like this all the time. I took an “armed mugging” report just this week that video surveillance shows never happened. Only difference is that my fabricator was white and poor and not a famous actor so its not newsworthy. Yet this kind of stuff happens all the time.

Why do people make up this stuff? Same reason Munchausen’s Syndrome people make themselves sick or those in their care sick? Its all for the attention they get out of it. Just like all the other false flag made up attacks that have happened over the years from people of all ideologies.


I think we’ll be seeing lots of activist faking hate crime for 2020, and the fake news will print anything just to keep up a steady beat of racist stories. Tiny retractions later. There will be a few real ones, not that hard to find kooks in a country of 350 million…


No…I’ve been told there are witnesses for this one. It must be real. Right down to the bleach and noose.


This, after expanding the area of camera coverage. Two people walking.

Some people seem to think that indicates there are suspects.


You can find someone of every description who voted for Trump. Ditto Hillary. Ditto any candidate.

The attempts to smear voters of this-candidate or that-candidate with the behaviors of someone else who likewise voted for the candidate would be laughable if they were so odious.


do they looking like the same people who were stalking around his neighborhood and were reported to the police?


All three sentences have my approval.


He is black so he is automatically lying


They’ve located video of Smollett walking out of the frame of one video and then about a minute later WALKING into the frame of another wearing a rope neck tie. Walking, not running for his life.

So if this is true then it took less than one minute start to finish and he WALKED away from it rather than run in fear as one would expect from someone who had just been attacked.