Black actor beaten and almost lynched by mask wearing thugs


Just seem’s odd that when officers are talking to him for the report – no mention.
Talking to his friends he mentions it.


So we are too believe the had ropes and bleach with them AND recognized him as an actor and said are that Empire N-word? This sounds so staged.

As others have said, interesting that none of this was originally reported to the police. Whole lot of lies being added to the story after the fact.

Very possible he was mugged, thats a pretty common occurrence, but the rest sounds like outright fiction.


Wasn’t so long ago that people said the stickers on the van were too new, must be staged, in regards to the failed pipe bomber. Bombs didn’t go off either!

Maybe he remembered more later, maybe he is adding things, I don’t know, I think it will become clearer later and I do agree the media loves to jump on anything maga related, it’s just the preemptive defense force is more annoying.


As I posted earlier, the story I had read about this made no mention of the MAGA comment or anything about the race.

I don’t think TMZ should be the standard bearer for the media.

I mean Fake News CNN doesn’t say anything like that in the story they have up.


Maybe CNN is making this up


The MAGA thing is what was reported second handed to the Media not from the police report.


Yeah, then no one should be paying it any mind at this point. I can believe that would be a little TMZ drama drug up.


Well, as you read more about this you’ll learn that a threatening letter was sent to him through the network his show is on back on Jan. 22nd.

So yeah, the police think this could have been premeditated or as you so eloquently put it “staged”.


Civility isn’t just wearing the right suit, having good table manners, not cussin’…

You instantly accused the victim of lying, without evidence, right?

Without even hearing what he said happened?

Just based on a breaking news report?

Yes Yes and Yes.

Mix in some gut feelings and you’re ready to publicly proclaim a victim a liar.

It’s your right to do so, but I’d say it’s uncivil.


Seems like the maga thing came from TMZ. Was there a prior source for that? Seems odd for Trump buddy Harvey Levin to add that detail.


I am ready to believe he was taking a walk through Chicago at 2 in the morning near a Target store when he was met by two ski mask covered MAGA supporters who had a noose with them who were also wandering around at two in the morning in Chicago. People who question this will feel foolish when the videos are all checked and it shows exactly that happened.


Chicago PD has reported they have scoured all nearby surveillance videos and found nothing on them. The article I read didn’t say if the alleged attack actually happened in a spot that should have been covered by one of the videos though.


I never said he was a liar. I said I didnt believe him. There is a huge difference.

Civility IS all about table manners.




And I am ready to believe the actor and his friends first sent a threatening letter to his studio on jan 22nd and then acted this out without making sure they were within view of a camera.

I’m also ready to believe that plenty of MAGA morons will continue to forget about the threatening letter sent to his studio and scoff about the randomness of it all.


I will go along with the police on this. This is a “possible” hate crime.
If the answers are found, we will know what it was.


I agree. And if for some retarded reason he is making this up I think he and whoever helped will find out how dumb it was. And how good the police are at figuring that kind of thing out.

But anyone coming out of the gate automatically thinking this guy or anyone else is lying about something like this has issues in my opinion.


Was it caught on Camera?


Looks like it has been caught on camera and they have potential suspects.


Weird. I just read this that says the opposite.