Black actor beaten and almost lynched by mask wearing thugs


Blaming the victim. It sounds so familiar.


I hope it works out for you and I am wrong. If so, the people responsible should be taken out of society for at least 20 years.

If he is lying, just to stir up racial and sexual orientation animosity, as has happened many times before, what should happen to him?


Rare we see a first post so deeply call bull ■■■■■

It’s a gamble.

You’re either correct but face an onslaught on the way to being proven so

or you’re wrong and actually just a bad person.

The amoral gambler in me is entertained. The empathetic soul is disgusted. Place yer bets.


Rushing to judgement like in Covington. I will wait for the story to develop more before rushing to judgement. Not going to be a part of the mob again only to have it smack in my face.


Lol nothing will happen if he’s making it up. Look at the Covington case the boys didn’t do what they said they did had to cancel school for a week from death threats, nothing happen to the mob. There should be just as much of a backlash of falsely accusing someone as a racist as being a racist.


I guess we will see. If I am wrong, i will admit it and not hide. I have a hard time believing that fellow Americans in this day and age, would attack another American over his sexual preference. This crap did happen years ago. It was disgusting, vile and apprehensive then. It would be today too, if it happened.

In todays world though, millennials really dont seem to care that much about sexual orientation.


Yeah, because if a white girl with previously reported mental health issues actively working for an opposing campaign during an election would make up a story like that then it just stands to reason that a successful black actor would do something similar.

It’s the kind of reasoning I would expect a rock, racists or homophobe to have, but let’s call it reason.


This black guy is lying there is no bigotry left in the is country. Im tried of good white Christians being blamed


Come on…dont stop at the white girl. You get a figure out a way to include Tawana Brawley and dont forget the Duke Lacrosse stripper!


Only place I have seen saying anything about MAGA is TMZ. I would put down the pitch forks until the perps are caught.


lol - You stopped at her chief. Now suddenly that’s not good enough for ya?


When did it stop? Is there a specific date or just a general span of time you can cite?

Is that a fact? So we can just rule out millennials from horrific violence and hate? (Were the attackers even millennials?)


I’ not a chief. The chief was the drummer in DC with the Covington kids.


Jan 3, 2010 was the day everyone accepted homosexuality and stopped the violence.


But good on you for having a couple of cases from 13 yrs and 32 yrs ago rattling around in your head which really bolster your case the black guy is very likely lying about this attack.

My apologies, i thought you were just really stretching for some crazy ■■■■■■■■ reasons here.


a dude in Canada just plead guilty to murdering 8 gay men between 2010-2018.


It was Sunday, Lovey Sunday.


4 words… Susan Smith
Emmit Till


So you are suggesting the attackers walking around at 2am with bleach and a noose were in their 40s?


Why do you keep thinking this was an random attack?