Black actor beaten and almost lynched by mask wearing thugs


My response if I was a trump supporter:
“If true, I condemn those criminals for what they did, and I hope they get punished to the full extent of the law. There is no place for this hatred in our country”


I believe he was attacked. I dont believe he was attacked for the reason he is claiming. Im sure there will be plenty of witnesses ready to testify for him. Just like there was in the Kavanaugh debacle.

If the Obama Scar Face girl doesnt work out, Maybe he could meet Tawana Brawley or the Duke Lacrosse Stripper, Crystal Mangum.


It’s a very strange story. I’m certainly curious to hear more, and hope the guy is alright.


He was targeted because he is an black openly gay man.
it wasn’t a random attack, it was targeted attack on him.


If I am wrong, I will admit to it. I am sure I will be wrong on many other things in life too. Dont let it get you down.


Here the Chicao Police statement.


You’re sure of that.

I’ve asked what happens if you’re wrong because it just seems too simple to create the position you’ve concocted here for the laughs/“trolling” than demonstrating any amount of reason or human empathy.


Color me sceptic…isn’t it way below freezing in Chicago right now?


Oh… I see. These two uneducated white supremacists, wearing MAGA hats in Chicago, knew he would be walking down the street on a Monday night / Tuesday morning at 2am looking for a subway? And they just happened to have bleach and a noose on them so that it would be available for when the abducted him? By the way, were the MAGA ski masks?


:rofl: ■■■■■■■ hilarious that you acknowledge this kind of ■■■■ is far more likely to occur in MAGA country.

You’re 100% correct of course but there are racists and homophobes in all parts of this country.


Not when your hungry at 2am looking for a subway.


You’re way ahead of your skis. You’re creating and imagining in the phase that you should be observing.


They were not wearing MAGA hats, they were wearing ski mask.
like I said this doesn’t seem to be a random attack, if you factor in the death threat sent to fox studio last week.


I dont know where MAGA country is, but according to the victim, they told him he was in “MAGA Country” so if that is the case, what are of Chicago is MAGA Country?


Home is where the heart is.


we don’t know if the attacker are from Chicago, they could have gone there to attack him knowing he was there to film TV.

like the white supremacy who traveled to NYC to murder a black man.


Yeah, I’d read an article on this earlier that said nothing about that so I see where you were coming from.


Ya because he’s not white - what he said. Skin pigmentation is what matters in life nothing else. If he was green or purple people would believe him.


Also people travel to commit crimes like that white suprmacy who traveled to NYC to commit murder and was convicted of terrorism this week.


But along that line, Chicago did go a reported 12-13% for Trump so is that all ya got?