Any Birthers Still Around Here?


All those other presidents didnt have funny names


Yes, I believe any President challenged by a citizen on their eligibility in court should have to prove their eligibility. Either that or remove those eligibility requirements as pointless and unenforceable.


How quickly we forget that McCain’s eligibility was questioned seriously enough to warrant congress weighing in with a meaningless proclamation that he was. Did he have a funny name?


So your’e saying your birth certificate has never been in front of a court to test its veracity. Welll, until you can prove that, I don’t think your words have much weight here, as you’re undocumented and don’t get a say.


And yet only Obama’s citizen spurred and entire movement lead by our current President. I wonder why that was? Hmmmm


No one was questioning whether or not McCain lied about where he was born lol


Good thing ballot access laws don’t exist or this would sound cuckoo bananas.


So every president should have to prove their birth in a court of law. Cause you know at least one citizen will request it of every candidate.

I’d actually have no problem with candidates having to provide their bc.


My kid is 15. Don’t Insult my kid.

This thread gives a fun peek back Into how disgusting some of these people were while Obama was president. A gracious intelligent hard working family man - he introduced some controversial policies and that was worth debating. But so many were (and are) mired in the slime pit. “Mother …”…”Kenyan”…”gay crackhead”…”wasn’t born here”…”is only popular/elected because he’s black”…”he’s only half black”…

I’m retrospect it’s no huge shock they reacted by electing the human personification of every disgusting base impulse Obama triggered deep inside them all of those years.


Come on man, the only people still selling that crap are the idiots at the Storm places. You don’t want to be like those guys.

Hell, even your Compadres here now admit Obama was a good man and the economy improved hugely under him.


Because he was elected? And McCain wasn’t, so his become a moot point.


Sure, it is a constitutional requirement for office after all, I see no reason they shouldn’t have to prove they are eligible.


Ballot access laws? Oh you mean the foxes guarding the henhouse. Just allow members of their own party, who have a vested interest in their election, to certify them as eligible. No thanks. And before you say some of them were republicans, I’ll just point out they had a vested interest in not kicking the matter up as their own candidate as well as some of their future hopefuls had problems in this area.


Birther. Tea Partier. Religious Right. Trump Republican.

They’re pretty much the same people.


So trump fell for a Hillary conspiracy. What a dummy! Lol.


Can you give me a direct quote from Hillary thx


It’s funny that you think evidence would change what Roxie says. Roxie says what she wants to say and nothing will change that.


So why did this suddenly become an issue with Obama, and not literally all of his predecessors?

And we’ve already been down the “proving eligibility” rabbit hole. Far right Arizona Sec of State, at the time, Ken Bennett chased the rabbit and was satisfied:


Trump is turning out to be more dumb than I thought. No way he covered his trail on everything.

If we had a incompetent or loud special prosecutor, I think what Trump would get away with it again. But here’s what we have…

Loud / corrupt / con man VERSUS quiet / competent bulldog investigator


Good to see rascist republicans still carrying the banner, be proud!