Any Birthers Still Around Here?


Lazy ad hominem still the preferred argument I see.


Koushis life and career didnt get better under Obama like many others did. So instead of taking personal responsibility he blames the government, or Obama


Birther Count = 3


Lazy ad hominem count = 2


Do you consider being labeled a birther an attack?


Guess I’m not up his ass as much as you are.


Yes. Why, do you consider it a compliment? Is that how its used?


You’re not sure he was born in Hawaii and claim there is no proof he was. You’re a grade A birther.


That happens a lot these days and I’m getting rather tired of it.


No, I agree being called a birther is an insult. But that’s cause I think birtherism is stupid. A bother might take it as a compliment as it implies they are among the enlightened.


Bull ■■■■.

It recovered at the very end of his reign to spite him, not because of him.


“President Barack Obama was born in the United States, period. Now we all want to get back to making America strong and great again,” Trump said.

There. It’s settled.


There is a difference between saying he never actually proved his place of birth and believing without evidence he was born in Kenya. To me anyway. It’s an actual fact his place of birth was never proven, in the only place it could have been, a court of law. Showing a PDF or a piece of paper to people doesn’t prove jack or squat. The alleged document itself says in plain language the only place it constitutes evidence of place of birth is in a court of law. So tell me, when was it ever entered into evidence in any court proceeding?


Now you believe Trump? Convenient.


Yes, I well recall your position. Hopefully you’ll recall my previous responses to your position.


Can’t say I do.


When was yours?


I didn’t run for an office that includes being born in the US as a constitutional requirement to hold office. I have been required to produce it by the government for things that were far less important though.


“Now you believe Trump? Convenient.”

Of course I believe him. He’s the POTUS.


Ah, so you feel all presidential candidates should have to present their BC in a court of law, or just Obama?

Can you name the Presidential candidates that have presented their BC in a court of law?