Any Birthers Still Around Here?


sorry harvard


That’s been dealt with(Are you sure you’re not talking about Columbia?)


Stunted leftists still can’t figure it out.

True pathos in animal land.


Come up with any proof yet? Any at all?


The stunted ones have actual proof. The smart ones have brains a-swirl with feelings.

They need to reevaluate grading in schools. Proving things should get you an F, and coming up with daydreams about unicorns should make you class president.


This is America. Not Leftistville.

All the proof is staring you in the face.

Are the leftists complicit with criminal behavior?



Why am I not surprised there are still crazies that believe this?


Birther Count = 2


Any day now Obama will be removed from office.


so far we have a 4chan user and an incel, so 2 4chan users still birthing.


No, I don’t think he does.


You are injecting race into this conversation needlessly.


His Twitter account says he started in 2009. Have you not seen it?


He embraced it, which is worse.


And yet he was elected president of the Harvard Law Review. Odd, that…


More because he’s an adult and the economy recovered and improved.


Lingering? Hell, it’s still very strong.


Still believe the same thing I did back then. Probably born in Hawaii but it’s never actually been proven he was.


Be proud that you’re a birther.


And they vote.