Any Birthers Still Around Here?


Obama and a random black guy



what is his name?


Don’t know.


who is this?



Don’t know…




his name is frank Marshall Davis. Obamas father.


Of course it is.


when was Obama born?


don’t know…


august 4th 1961. look his mon went to school in Washington state in sept 1961

without him.


I also know birthers aren’t known for presenting all the truth.


Proposed Amendment ???

Section 1. The sixth paragraph of the first section of Article II of the Constitution is amended to read as follows:

All persons born a Citizen of the United States, whether jus soli or jus sanguinis, for which only single parent consanguinity is required, and being thirty five years of age and fourteen years resident in the United States are eligible to the Office of President of the United States.

Additionally, any person naturalized a Citizen of the United States for twenty years and resident in the United States for twenty years immediately prior to the term sought and thirty five years of age is eligible for the Office of President of the United States.

Section 2. The Article of Amendment shall take effect for the first Presidential election occurring at least one year after this Amendment shall have been proclaimed as part of the Constitution.

This amendment would abolish the “natural born citizen” requirement and replace it with a standard that would make any citizen by birth eligible and would open the door to those naturalized citizens with extended citizenship tenure.


then present the other side. or do you just trust your feelings.

ann used to do nude modeling for mr davis.


good luck with that


I know if there was a shred of a legal possibility Obama was not eligible, R’s would have had a case at the SC as fast as lighting.


why cant you must admit you do not do research and simply spew bs all the time.

you asked me why, I had reasons, refute the reasons.

say ann did no pose nude for davis, say she could not have gone to school without him two weeks after he was said to be born. say something other than you trust the media.




I read all the back and forth on all the various conspiracies theories, sorry if I didn’t commit them all to memory, you just cant remember all the crazy ideas that were going around. There was just as much compelling counter evidence as there was evidence for every conspiracy theory.


you have not addressed any of the evidence I presented.

there is much to understand about a Havard grad that has no friends at Harvard.

I do stinky poo poo in my pants when ever I see pic of Obama.