Any Birthers Still Around Here?


Who do you think you are kidding. The intent of the thread was to ridicule.

I’m not ashamed though. I know I’m right. So you cant shame me into silence.



I wanted to know if there were any birthers left on the them. Now I do.

This thread provided a service.

Only you can control what offends you.


I actually think the natural born citizen requirement needs to be changed. It was relevant in a time when being born in a location likely meant you were raised there.

As to the actual requirement, many people are confusing being a citizen with being a natural born citizen. One is a broad term that the government can define the requirements for. The other has a very specific set of requirements listed in Vattels common law, which was the book of common laws in use around the time of our founding.

The common law defines a natural born citizen as one born within a nations bounds, to parents who are also citizens. “Parents” plural. Even if born in Hawaii Obama didn’t pass the requirements.

If I remember right Ted Cruz didn’t meet them either. His father was Canadian I just can’t remember of his father got citizenship before Ted was born or not. There was also debate about Chester A Arther and whether he met the standard.

Like I said. I think it needs changed in today’s age. But that actually means change the law. I’m tired of the government in general just ignoring the parts that are inconvenient. Obama wasn’t the first president that didn’t meet the NBC requirements, and until its changed he won’t be the last.

I always enjoyed debating the topic, but don’t think Obama should have been barred from running…I think they just need to change the rule to citizen at birth which all the presidents in question would have passed to my knowledge.


Anyone that still believes Obamas story is a complete knucklehead.


No one wants you silenced. We want the abject stupidity of Trump supporters to ressonate across the nation.


Birthers: Plus one.

Very interesting for me. I didn’t know it was still a lingering belief. I thought maybe Trump was quashed it.


Morons are going to moron. What can you do?


Because of all the irrefutable proof birthers have provided over the last 10 1/2 years?


I believe anything about Obama


So you believed, at the time, he both is and isn’t qualified to be president.


As I said… this is a troll thread intended to ridicule those of us who believed his book publisher and his grandmother.


Trump didnt start it. Why did you think he could quash it?


nope, I always believed he was not.


Was it because of his father or that he was born in Kenya?


Those you believe in birtherism should be ridiculed.


I do not believe that his father was from Kenya. his mother is quite interesting.


Want to elaborate?




Yeah…it sound like your barking up the koku bird tree.


who is the man in the picture?