Any Birthers Still Around Here?


Atta girl… proof by belligerent assertion.


Except, you know, that the congressional debates regarding both the CRA of 1866 and the 14th amendment clearly show that the intent was to provide citizenship to anyone born under our jurisdiction. And, you know, the amendment explicitly say that.


Yes that describes those who till believe this after 11 years without a shred of evidence to a tee. I have to admit that’s impressively self reflective of you.


Who cares? That mother ■■■■■■ is gone.

And 'bama sucks.


Yeah… not sure why libs are starting such threads. Seems like the epitome of trolling.


His investigators are finding amazing things in Hawaii!


Actually, no.


Cool stories, bro! :+1:t3:


After 8 successful years and better approval rating than the nativist idiot currently in the WH…


Successful my hairy ass.

Only because he’s black. That’s the only reason he was elected. Apparently “it was time we had a black president”. Just like last election was “hillary’s turn”. Had nothing to do with supposed qualifications they had.


Problem is the “qualifications” you conservatives demand is a moving target. One election it’s executive govt positions like governorships. Then it becomes military experience. After that it becomes foreign policy experience. The next election it is running private companies.

The rule on what you consider qualifications seems to be whatever the current republican candidate has that the current democratic candidate doesn’t have.

Do you’ll have to excuse our laughter when you talk about “qualifications” as if you mean anything.


That’s a good thing if it keeps a libtard out of office.

And 'bama sucks.


Are you 15?


That’s high. :grin:


You got that right.

GO TIGERS!!! :smile:


I thought it was ‘‘Roll Tide’’


If a person thinks bama sucks, then it would be “Roll Over the Tide.” :smile:


I got that a bit late.



Just for anybody that is not familiar with college football, I was going for the joke that both Auburn and LSU (Bama’s main rivals) are called the Tigers. :smile:


Interesting. You seem proud to be a birther. How could it possibly be the epitome of trolling to ask you whether you are one?

Of course, you could’ve seen the thread and thought, Oh, I’d be embarrassed to answer that question or, hey, that question is the epitome of trolling–in which case, of course, you could’ve avoided the thread or else reported it.

Instead, you dove in face first.