Any Birthers Still Around Here?


What is that to you?


Cool! So you KNOW that universities cannot release transcripts, admission papers, grants, scholarships etc. I trust you’re not asking for anything you KNOW cannot be provided.


it is so easy to produce a birth certificate or grades. who did he run against at Harvard.

obviously false narratives like collusion can be manufactured.


I’m gonna keep spanking you, bootz. Here is th Harvard Gazette:

Who is the Harvard Gazette?


Here it comes again, boots … This time it comes from the Harvard Law School directly.


If you don’t think Rush and Fox are massively effective, just watch the continuing hardcore birthers. It’s like their messages get into listeners/watchers DNA.


And so 10 years later birthers are still stewing in their hatred. Likely more pissed off now that his term is done. He’s a “former President” and will always be one. 10 years of abject failure still leaving a bitter taste in their mouths. Just think of all that some of them could have accomplished if not for their fruitless obsession. Knowing that history will show them as some of the dumbest people in America right next to Truthers and Anti-Vaxxers. Seeing the Birthers who openly come out in this thread is of no surprise. And I know there are quite a few more lingering here. They just won’t tell you. Just sad failed losers who are fun to laugh at.


at one point it seemed most all republicans here posted in the one and only thread and had questions about Obama being born in Africa.

it’s just the group we post with.


Yes. Even my ostensibly sensible or self-styled “sensible” Tea Partying dad was like, “Well, I don’t know, but why won’t he produce a ‘vault’ birth certificate blah blah blah?” The whole party became birther curious, or winked or hedged, as Boehner did:

“It’s not my job to tell the American people what to think,” Boehner said on NBC’s “Meet The Press” when asked about a recent focus group of Iowa voters shown on Fox News during which several said they believe Obama is Muslim.

Of course, when Obama did produce his birth certificate, it had no long-term effect on the beliefs of birthers.


But nobody knew…


Over his birth certificate and the announcement of his birth in Hawaii in the newpapers.
always take the book publishers and relatives evidence over facts.



It was this guy that made it a popular conspiracy during Obama’s term, another CEC hack. Wayne Allyn Root.


Relative who was speaking through an interpreter and in that same conversation corrected the birther error but birthers usually cut the quote before then.


Who verified that his birth certificate was authentic and original?

Hmmm… Loretta Fuddy. Subud Fuddy


LOL. Hawaii State Government. LOL.



Actually, Alvin Onaka and Chiyome Fukino, both Health department employees verified the birth certificate.

Wrong again.


Nice try. Governments have people that actually do the work. The name of the individual who “authenticated” Barack’s birth certificate was… Loretta Fuddy, practitioner of the Subud spiritualist movement… started by this guy. No… that’s not Barack Hussein Obama.


Fuddy was the director of the Hawaiian Heath Department. She was the authenticator.

You are referring to unofficial statements made in 2008 and 2009 about the previous document-not the supposedly “real” birth certificate that did not come out till 2011.


There is NO bottom to the conspiracy theories…they just grow new tentacles when old claims are debunked.


birthers gonna birther.