Any Birthers Still Around Here?


can you narrow it down to less than a thousand people please.


I believe he had an avatar of Obama in a black and white striped jumpsuit for quite some time.


can you narrow it down to less than a thousand people please.


I love that the Frank Marshall Davis thing is still going on. Where’s that picture that show’s Frank Marshall Davis’s hand! Look, we all realize that Obama would want to downplay that Frank Marshall Davis was his dad (which makes a hash of the Kenyan birth story) because it was so auspicious to have it known that the unstable alcoholic leftwing Kenyan Barack Obama, Sr. was his father. And it mixes race, sex, white women, black men, and leftwing politics into a brew that takes the already-inert sluice of Righwing brains and cuisinarts it into a quivering pulp. It’s impossible for them to resist.


I stayed away from that thread for the longest time, but then entered it by posting a joke. The response from roberts_the_man was hilarious. Two long paragraphs of seriousness in reply to an obvious joke. He took that thread very seriously and took on all comers.


History is full of good men who were lousy leaders.


Did his handle start with k and end with sdb?


They did? One state has access to another state’s birth records? Can you cite this?


Who knew that expressions could be hard to understand.


Are you now saying Obama was an adult?


No. I’m saying obama sucks.


how about you post some documents about Obama at Harvard and settle it.


That will be a yes then


We all know you deny it but just to show everyone else:


those are not Harvard documents, that is a news article. try again.

NYT fake news.


was he born in Kenya now?


You didn’t specify the document had to be from Harvard. Let’s quote you again:

I satisfied your request. It isn’t my fault you lacked precision in your request.

Anyways, due to privacy laws universities usually don’t publicly share info on their students. You would know that had you attended university.


he is a classy adult and a really good husband and father.

Trump is a sleaze and childish adulterer.


So even your modified request is simple:

This is from the Harvard Law Review.


university of Texas ■■■■■■■■ foundation scholarship