Any Birthers Still Around Here?


Flat Earthier use this same line of reasoning. Are you a flat-earthier? Do you also know that lines you see from jets overhead are mind altering drugs the U.N is dropping on us? Or that Govt is putting chemicals in water that are turning frogs gay? How about one where Clinton is running a colony on dark side of the Moon to raise kids to harvest them for bone marrow for a anti-aging potion.

How much do you spend on Alex Jones supplements a month?


“Birthers” were never about eligibility. The whole premise was that Obama lied and the government covered it up. They had NO grounds to argue eligibility. Just a conspiracy. At least in mcCain and Cruz case, no one denied their birthplace, and there were at least somewhat legitimate legal basis to question.


Show me a shred of evidence anyone accessed his actual underlying documentation instead of relying on the word of a democrat in Hawaii and I’ll be satisfied.


So, tell me how he was.


Ah. Birther residue.


Ah, still struggling under the misconception that I care what you think or your opinion of me I see.


What is this underlying documentation you refer to, other than the same piece of paper most of us have? Where do you go to analyze this underlying documentation? Have you ever examined your own underlying documentation?


There’s just something different about Obama from prior presidents. I just can’t quite put my finger on it. Something about his tone really colored his administration.


That was quite the non sequitur.


we had our first black president. people screamed that he was born in Africa.

did we really not expect that?


I call it not being up his ass.


Yes… those who crawl up Trump’s ass might have missed one of those golden morsels.


quite the narrative, we do know he was elected president.


Ummmm are you aware of what that expression actually means?


Appreciate this thread, helps refresh my memory of who the rascist trash is here.


You were one of the ones that claimed the original one was Photoshopped, no?


He can’t keep Obama’s university’s straight. It was Columbia where there was the issue of others remembering him.


Not just a birther but a hard core birther that always end up with one of highest post counts in every single thread on the subject. He just like to play both sides to try avoiding being called out. Kind of like pretending he isn’t a Trump supporter while defending every ingle action and word that Trump utters.


You’ve posted so much lazy, discredited gibberish on this thread (Really? You’re still invested in the Frank Marshall Davis thing, and the Obama’s mom posed naked thing in 2018?). It’s hard to know where to start. But how about this claim:

there is much to understand about a Harvard grad that has no friends at Harvard.

Okay. Go on. Let’s hear more about the “Harvard grad that has no friends at Harvard,” specifically. Is this like the Joe Arpaio move, which suggests Obama didn’t even go to Harvard? LOL.


It’s a shame.

Beyond Roberts the Man and the other birther crackpots in this thread, there was an even BIGGER birther here–one who doesn’t seem to have made the leap to the new forum. In fact, I think the guy’s life became full-time birthing–it’s hard to know how he had time for anything else. And the birther I’m referring to actually took action to have Obama removed from the ballot in his state (with hilarious consequences).