Any Birthers Still Around Here?


That’s not how it works, you have to be verified as eligible by all fifty state governments.

Don’t worry, I’m taking it light on you, I’m not even gonna point out how your explanations for why you’re a birther have changed over the years.



my personal fav


If actually looking at the header of his Twitter account to see he’s been on since 2009 is being “up his ass,” what do you call just making up a 2016 date?


The hilarious thing about the Frank Marshal Davis angle is that if true, there is no constitutional objection to Obama’s birth requirement to be President.

Which kind of goes against the point of the conspiracy.


Why did Trump not bring up Rafael “Ted” Cruz’s birth in Canada, to a father born and raised in Cuba?


Appaerntly the answer is “No”. No birthers left. Awww so sad


A ton of things about that crowd evolved over the decades. And it’s not for the worse. They get more and more savvy.

It’s actually very interesting to watch.


Thank you for posting those!


I have you one example besides Obama, McCain, there are others where it was an issue as well, George Romney and Chester Arthur are others. Obama was not the first.


It’s vehemently dishonest to compare the questioning of ANY of those to how Obama’s was treated. EXTREMELY dishonest.



Donald Trump is actually right about something: Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) is not a natural-born citizen and therefore is not eligible to be president or vice president of the United States.


Republican front-runner Donald Trump on Saturday resumed his questioning of rival Ted Cruz’s presidential eligibility, citing Cruz’s Canadian birth.

“> The first thing the Democrats are going to do is sue him on the basis that he’s not a naturalized citizen, he wasn’t born in the country,” Trump said at a rally in Connecticut, which holds its primaries on Tuesday, Politico reported.

Trump has previously warned that Democrats could file a lawsuit against Cruz if he wins the nomination. He has also threatened to sue Cruz himself because the Texas Senator is not a “natural born citizen.” Legal experts have said a rival candidate could have legal standing to sue Cruz, but it’s not clear how a court would handle the claim.


But then again, until you can prove that YOU yourself are a legitimate citizen, and show us the court case proving it, I don’t find your opinion terribly valid.


I don’t see how, all had their eligibility questioned by members of the public and a scattering of elected officials.


Why do I need to prove it? Oh wait, I have had to do so multiple times throughout my life. Nobody took me to court over it because it was the government seeking the proof and they had access to the underlying documentation that proved I am.


Yes, the “mysterious plane ditching.”

Did you ever produce that evidence that Obama’s secret police caused the engine to be improperly maintained for about 1500 hours of flight time, then in the ditching cause Fuddy to die of a heart attack after she put on an infant-sized life vest that another passenger handed to her, and which contained only one working CO2 cartridge, the other one (of 2) being punctured and empty.

To me of course, it’s obvious that Obama’s secret forces must have done all that, because bad luck doesn’t exist, when a scrambled brains conspiracy theory that supports your screwed-up worldview can provide a better explanation.


Yes, just like Obama did.


Well, all righty then. Consider me schooled.


The fact that you equate legal questions surrounding known birth locations to people claiming Obama lied and the government covered up Obama’s true birth place is laughable. All you’re doing in this thread is rationalizing birthers. Because, of course, you are a birther.


Yeah, none of that remotely compares to how Obama’s was treated differently.


and there are plenty more.