Another Sodom and Gomorrah


Never seen that before. Hilarious.


Your homily didn’t just imply it…it outright said it.

“If you invest in a human being (even a child), then they will leave, and you are left with nothing”.

This is pretty much your EXACT WORDS.

I can go grab the exact words from your post if you wish.


For your reference.


Great. I already serve my fellow man but not because I expect to be rewarded in the afterlife.


Got it. When the child leaves, the child is still there. At least in your understanding. I suppose when your house burns down and you lose all your possessions, your house and possessions are still there as well.

Some of you either live in a very strange dimension or are intent of going out of your way not to understand. The concept of things being destroyed or an empty nest is not that difficult to understand. I’m guessing you must be about a foot tall if it went over your heads.


It’s hard to understand you when you directly contradict yourself and blame others for not “getting it”.


Having grown up in the church and still being active now, there’s nothing that I like better then watching other christians and how they act toward other humans. I love to see the way they justify their actions and, especially on boards like this, the people they support politicly.


This deserves to be ignored. You asked me about heaven. I answered and you come back with this shameful response. Perhaps give it some thought that has a little more depth.

If a person wishes wishes to build muscle, they begin exercising and lifting weights. Their reward is stronger muscles. Of course, you could boast that you exercise and lift weights–but not because you want stronger muscles. That, of course, makes your muscles better, right, even when they are exactly the same size as someone else’s?

The etymology of the word ‘eternal’ encompasses much more than “forever.” It might be better defined as everlasting, something so strong, that it does not deteriorate, but lives on. Love and service are like that. They live on.

An attitude of spitting on these things instead of treasuring them in the afterlife as well is frankly disgusting. Because of the eternal nature of love and service, many of us expect to continue loving and serving in the next life, and you can spit on that as well, but it is our belief. If I wanted to jump to conclusions I would say that it sounds like you cannot wait for this life to be over so you don’t have to bother with love and service ever again.

Heaven is very much like this life. My glimpse of it left me with these images. Life on earth is like negatives in old pictures. Heaven is like the color print. Try and imagine haven as the greater reality, because it is. The more the muscle building (love and service) here, the more we will be capable of doing there.


Did you understand what I said? I say a child leaves. You claim the child is still there. And you say I am contradicting myself?!! Actually, you are contradicting what I said. I said the child leaves. You say the child is still there. Which is it? Has the child left, or is the child still there?


Where did I say if a child leaves then they’re still there? All I said is that you’re not left with nothing.

Unless you consider being proud of your kids “nothing”. I don’t. I think it’s pretty weird if you do.


Then it is you who are adding to what I said. I said the child leaves. Is the child still there? I had also included the house burns down with all your possessions. It was not that difficult to understand. If it is easier for you to understand, let’s say that your house burns down with all your possessions and with your child as well. Can you understand that analogy?

I was answering your post about putting God first and the purpose behind that Commandment. As I recall you said that had all those disasters happened you would still have your memories and what you do. I understood you to mean you would rely on those things, not on God. Wasn’t that the essence of our conversation? Then why all this silly, piddly nattering? Actually, don’t answer that. If this is all the substance that is left from the original question, I would like to move on to something else.

If you feel this was some type of contest, you won. It was something very different for me, but I still congratulate you on your win. May you have many more.


I added nothing.

If a child leaves, are you left with nothing? No. Pride counts for something.

As for of possessions are lost, then there’s no bringing it back. But I haven’t just invested in possessions and I consider no possession more important than who I am and what I’ve become.


Is pride the child? Come on! I explained my analogy as much as I care to. Let’s move on.


I thought it was literally raping angels.


He claimed no such thing.


No. Read commentaries from Rabbis–even centuries old commentaries. The sin of Sodom and Gomorrah was lack of hospitality. The other theme that runs through Genesis is either how sexual licentiousness leads to chaos, or is a sign that a tribe lacks discipline which leads to chaos, including in sexual practices.

Mentioning homosexuality, painted the setting. These cities were not known for law and order and basic courtesy. Here comes courteous Lot with his two visitors and the difference between Lot and the other citizens was as great as night and day. Nothing was going to prevent Lot from protecting and being hospitable towards his guests.

Nor do these early accounts gloss over the fact even Lot is not perfect. His attitude towards hospitality was exemplary–but was offering his daughters (one or both who were already betrothed) taking things a step too far? And look where else Lot failed! He allowed himself to become so drunk that he had intercourse with his daughters!

These stories had a point, but they certainly were not afraid of including bawdiness when it helped make their point.


These are your personal beliefs.

Such beliefs are in no ways generally…one may say even widely…held amongst Christians.

The majority Christian belief is indeed there is only one God and only one way to him…Jesus.

And if you haven’t asked God for forgiveness in Jesus’ name, accepting his cricifixion as payment for your sin…you are screwed.

No matter how many “muscles for eternity” you build up.


You’re right, he said he hadn’t totally lost his child, he had his pride in that child. He might also mention that there were still some stray hairs and nail clippings left! So be my guest: Continue to strain out the gnat and swallow the camel. Bon appetit! :sunny:


No kidding!!??? What was your first clue?


Absolutely you could say this, as it is your personal belief. However, it is what I learned from Catholic teaching, and then later learned that this teaching is based on Judaism–which is where Catholicism has its roots. Other Christians have their take. Imagine so many people so many perspectives! It’s like we are all…unique.