Another Sodom and Gomorrah


I still hope.


Nah just men of god offering their daughters up to mobs for raping. Because that would be less gay.


That musta been it…


I’ve invested in myself. My experiences. My memories. My knowledge. If I lose everything, I’m still the person I’ve worked hard to be. I don’t need religion for that.

(By the way, it’s rather grim outlook to say that investing in your kids just results in them leaving)


Which workers have you personally spoken to?


This is an oldie but a goodie.

It just came to mind…I don’t know why.


The evangelicals have got to be the most hypocritical. God must be watching.


It doesn’t _resul_t in children leaving…it is simply what happens and it is not that grim. Nor does not mean children aren’t given an extremely high priority, because of course they are. The Commandment is about giving God the highest priority and the benefits derived from doing so.

We really don’t need most of what we have, so what, you got rid of religion. I have greater admiration for people who stop and get rid of computers and TVs. For many people religion is like that never used item that lies forgotten in the far back corner of the drawer. One day it is thrown out. What’s the big deal of throwing out something that was never in use to begin with? Or, at least never used properly. It’s like throwing out a pair of shoes because they make lousy ear muffs.


Not seeing the benefits. Supposedly my children will grow up and I’ll have nothing, according to your homily. Let alone the fact that isn’t really true, I had years of happiness with them. That counts for something.

What do I get from being religious?


Yeah right? Having raised three well adjusted and responsible daughters now adults on their own is a great sense of pride for us.


You are not listening. In the natural scheme of things children grow up and leave home. Were you picturing something different when it came to your children?

Ah. So you want to get something from religion. What is it you want? Let me guess: You don’t want a thing–everything you want you can get yourself or do without. (How did I do?) :slight_smile:


I don’t want anything but you mentioned all these benefits of making god above all. I was just asking what that meant.

Your homily implied that you raise kids and they leave and you’re left with nothing. That seems really weird to me. That’s all.


The homily did not imply that at all. It is what you inferred, and your inference caused you to totally miss the point. No wonder it seemed so weird. The problem is that once someone makes up one’s mind to disagree with anything another says, they look for the disagreement, not the connection.


Since you claim to have all the benefits, you should have reached the point immediately.


Whatever dude. The implication is definitely there. It was brought up as analogous to your house burning up and being left with nothing. If you want to explain what it meant to you, be my guest. I’ve got nothing better to do.


I prefer reaching a common ground, not leap onto disagreements. How else will we be able to understand what the other is conveying?

The Bible often talks the physical things. Neither inanimate objects or animate people are always in our reach. Physical objects deteriorate or are destroyed, people come and go. So the Bible teaches building up and storing spiritual treasures, and for the atheists in my family, they speak of personality, memories, or what they have taught children and grandchildren.

Therefore, when the First Commandment speaks of putting God (and ways of God) first, this is what it is speaking of to everyone, be they people of faith or atheists. It is not an order to fall face down on the ground and grovel–or worry oneself to death over which ‘god’ is the right God.


Neither does the presidency this time 'round…


Side burn Trump.


What is a spiritual treasure?


I doubt anyone knows for certain. We know Jesus said not to worry about treasure on earth but treasure in heaven. Heaven is a place for souls/spirits–who we are intrinsically. What do we treasure most? And who is God? God is pure love, and the ones we treasure most are those we love.

Jesus found meaning in service, and Christians believe we are called to serve God and one another. So for me, treasure in heaven would be being with loved ones and serving God who loves us all. That is my take on it, but as I said, no one is certain of precisely what is the treasure of which Jesus spoke.