Another Sodom and Gomorrah


Isn’t that like buying car insurance after you total the car? Not that there’s anything wrong with that - to me at least.


Very true. I was a devout Catholic (not anymore) and at the time my sister and BIL said I was going to Hell because I wasn’t born again.


Wayne Gretzky comes to mind: You miss one hundred percent of the shots you don’t take.

I recommend taking the shots at seeking God. Here, now, don’t wait for death. But if death comes first…at the very least, take that final shot.


Too much risk. There’s hundreds of gods being worshiped. I have a slim chance of picking the right one to worship. I’d rather just try to be a good person and hope that’s enough to make me cool if a god does exist.


Isn’t that taking a shot? :sunny:

Still, it is worth looking at Wayne Gretzky and Michael Jordan. They didn’t wait, they put heart and soul and hard work into their goals. The same goes for seeking God. It takes heart. Soul. Hard work. And time (lots of time). Gretzky and Jordan feel the hard work and time was worth it. I feel the same. But then we are not all ice hockey players, basketball players, or seekers of God. I don’t miss playing basketball or hockey, so I do understand you not missing God.


How does your god feel about worshiping false idols?


And be green - you know - in case global warming AND reincarnation are real.


And we’ve got all these crazy big-box churches here in California.


Sure. I have not lived a perfect life. If God also explained his positions on human morality I could see agreeing with him and thinking about my errors.


Up to the whims of govt is the reality. The universe confers no rights upon you at all unless they are recognized by your fellow human beings.


Why not? Love the comment, forget who it was, when he was dying…someone asked him if he was ready to make his peace with god. He stated that he wasn’t aware that they had quarreled.


If God’s goal is to have people believe and worship Him, why would he place an arbitrary line at death and saying you must fulfill the requirement before you reach that line? It makes no sense.


Well, we ARE talking the same so-called god who played the…“you can have everything except that tree…don’t touch it…now I’m going to go away for awhile…”


I hear you. And why is Doubting Thomas the only one that can doubt? That’s not fair. I want to see the wounds in Christ’s side also. Seeing is believing. Faith is for…


The best homily I heard on this is suppose you always put God and the ways of God above all else. This become part of who you are. Compare this to putting your house and your possessions above all else. Then your house burns down. Or being more altruistic, you put all of what you are and do into your children…who grow up and leave town.

Too often people think of putting God (and the ways of God) first is God demanding to be first. It’s not. It is God advising us to invest in what is infinite, eternal, everlasting. If we invest in possessions and they are destroyed, we have nothing. If we invest in a human being (even a child) when they move on, we are left with nothing.

So…when I lose my house, my possessions, my children, I still have something–I have myself which is more greatly invested in something that outlives house, possessions and children.


Thats an opinion.


Mine is that there nothing out there.

hence I affirm not swear.

its okay if you want to say those words; dont force others with a different opinion to do so.



On second thought it doesn’t sound like all that much fun, but thanks for the synopsis. I thought it was just a bunch of wanton sinners like a wild west boom town full of brothels and dancing girls.


Blessed is he who does not see, yet believes. I don’t have that blessing so possibly I, more than others, can see what a truly great blessing that is. An experience of God fills…but that experience–like any experience–cannot last forever. In its place is a great emptiness nothing else can fill. What is left is the memory and a great yearning that probably should not be wished on anyone. God, obviously, doesn’t wish it. He says faith is enough, faith the size of a mustard seed.


Nice, but I’ve heard it all before - for 60 years.


:grin: Reason enough to dismiss it, I suppose.