Another Sodom and Gomorrah


Good thing it wasn’t about any public oath of office then, wasn’t it?


In this verse Christ is condemning those who misguide his followers. It has nothing to do with “immigration”. It’s disingenuous to imply such.


You take “so help me God” out of that oath, it’s only a matter of time before man on dog becomes accepted behavior.

Stop the goddless liberal madness!


Many of them did.

And asked for hospitality (asylum).

But we need to build a wall instead of hire more people to process asylum requests.

Therefore…adults to one camp, children to another.

Hospitality this!


What’s next?! People falling in love with tacos? Wait I’m already in love with tacos.


Republicans in this thread: “I’m from the government and I’m here to help…you pray”


Yes, I’ve often wondered about that, as well.

In the case of the government of this nation, the Founding Fathers were adamant that the government was under something more powerful–that it was not the government that created certain unalienable rights, but the higher power. Those in the government in the 1950s reinforced this when the USSR was claiming this highest power for their government.

Do atheists believe government is the highest power, or do they believe people have unalienable rights the government must bow to? I mean if people want to say, “One nation under unalienable rights” or, “So help me unalienable rights” that’s fine with me, a believer. It may sound a bit awkward, but they are recognizing a power greater than government.


Your transgustatory perversion is why this country is morally constipated and in desperate need of a leader with Donald’s high moral fiber.


I was an atheist through 3 1/2 years worth of tours to Iraq, so I’m good, thanks.


Its not for the oath of office.


The thought of someone getting in a twist over the verbiage in an oath while simultaneously supporting Donald (one of the most morally degenerate men ever to hold the office of POTUS) would be hilarious if it weren’t so tragic.


I thought it was having fun…




I’ve nearly died twice in my life.

Haven’t converted yet.

  • That was policy before this administration.
  • Asylum seekers knew the rules and had a choice.
  • Policy has been changed for this administration.
  1. We need the wall to defend against drugs, human trafficking, and gangs. Border Patrol and other professionals tell us this. It makes sense. So first, approve the wall.

  2. As soon as approval is given, immediately begin work on DACA, and immigration reform.

Citizens want BOTH. We are sick and tired of politicians trying to divide us. Let’s stop fighting each other and demand our elected officials give us both.


So hospitality…but on your terms only.

Got it!

PS Drugs come into the country via being smuggled on legal shipments. The wall won’t stop that.

Human trafficking takes placecat ports of entry. A wall won’t stop that.

No proof either MS-13 nor terrorists massively exploit places where there’s no wall. Wall won’t stop tyat.


Even in the Freedom Caucus?

Oops. Maybe I confused righteous with self-righteous!


I am sure you will be hospitable to people trying to enter your house. Like Lot, you will simply offer them your daughters? Myself, I am not that hospitable. However, I do bring strangers in need into my home. And if people try to break into my home to get to these strangers they would have to go through me first.

Drugs, human trafficking, gangs come in through other places as well. Ports of Entry we may miss some, but we catch some too. Walls will assist in catching those who do not use the Ports of Entry. This, according to professionals down on the border. I tend to listen to workers over politicians.


From my perspective, humanity is the highest power that I am aware of. Government is just people. They have power that comes from the consent of the governed, but that power only exists to the extent that it is accepted.


I’m sure you’d say the same if the oath said “So help me Allah.”