Another Sodom and Gomorrah


I have? Interesting.


Yes- we had a huge discussion about it on the old board.

You refused to admit your experience wasn’t purely subjective…you attempted to re-define objective to suit your needs.


Yeah…Joseph Smith has a cushy life.


There was an experience that was not purely subjective, this is true. But I certainly did not say I could produce evidence of it.

Look, for scientific investigation not only does one need evidence, one must be able to replicate what happened with the same results. So yes, while my experience did involve physical matter, I cannot mail it to you. Besides, these physical objects would be meaningless to you unless I was able to replicate what happened. Which I cannot.


No. It was sexual perversion, promiscuity, & violence, amongst other sins.


Actually nowhere in any oath of any office is there the word “god”, it is “God”, because “god” refers to pagan and other “gods”, “God” refers to the God of Heaven.
Of course, you are allowed to care less at present…