Another Sodom and Gomorrah


Now democrats want to take SO HELP ME GOD out oath of office. Maybe God will do it again. This time California-New York and of course Washing D C


George Washington started this. It’s not the law. Atheists shouldn’t feel inclined to say it. Who cares? The end.


If there is some celestial being out there keeping an eye on everything, I would hope they have better things to worry about than some words politicians recite before taking office. Perhaps the rampant poverty, starvation, and war might be better things for them to concentrate on.


For those interested in the background here.

“A key committee in the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives is moving to eliminate the words “so help you God” from the oath administered to witnesses testifying before the panel, as part of a new rules package expected to be approved this week, according to a draft obtained exclusively by Fox News.”


Wasn’t the sin of those two cities not welcoming strangers?


I didn’t even know you had to say that. What does religious beliefs have to do with running a government?

“So help me” If you want to add “God”, you are free to do so.


I’m sure the radical authoritarian party as the democrats are is sure to support “So help me Goverment”.


Actually, this isn’t about the oath of office. Which, by the way, the presidential oath doesn’t include “god” … this is about the oath witnesses would take when testifying before committees.

Regardless, I could care less. This is a carry over from another time, if people want to hold on to that, fine, if they don’t, fine. It doesn’t matter.


The government has far more of an impact in our everyday lives than any god does.


I would replace both with, “Else I will go to prison.”


Unless you’re a democrat…or corrupt bureaucrat.


Say what?


Yeah. I also like it when Lot offers his daughters up for sex to a mob and when his daughters get him drunk to sleep with him to carry on the line. It’s a bizarre story. Whatever ■■■■■■ up moral lesson there doesn’t really apply today.


Do folks appreciate government officials threatening citizens with the wrath of God?


So the radical authoritarians are saying citizens don’t have to do something?


I’m an atheist. Saying “so help me god” is utterly meaningless.


I’m a Catholic and saying “so help me God” is completely meaningless to me.


I agree…no one should be forced to say it…just like people are not forced to say “under God” in the Pledge…Anyone who wants it forced by law is a theocrat.


So help me god is like in god we trust on our coins.

Who cares.

I myself would refuse to recite those words as god has no meaning to me.



Bingo. The story is about hospitality, and the price Lot was willing to pay to stand up for being hospital to strangers.