Alternative Medicine Experiences


I’m not a doctor but most smokers I know are pretty skinny. I personally dont get the munchies but I do get thirsty. It just depends on what you smoke too. Like, sativa high THC strains will give you energy, and make you active and ready to do stuff. People use that for depression. Indica strains have terpenes and higher CBD which are more relaxing. Then there are hybrids.

But everyone is a bit different and every strain is different.

But yes, as far as edibles, I dont even recommend those if you’ve never used marijuana. Too easy to eat too much. And very few people like being extremely high.

It’s all about finding what works for you and starting slow. Wait 2 hours before taking or smoking more. Research CBD, THC sativa vs indica etc. Leafly is a good website as well.

Me personally high CBD with small < 3% THC is what helps me.


Hmm. Never heard of that. Maybe she had an allergy. They usually mix it with coconut oil I think


Yeah… still don’t know what caused it… but it seems to be the CBD oil she was taking every night for pain management.

Which kind of sucks… because it really helped her with her sleep until these problems started.


Sorry. Homeopathy is all placebo.

If it does something or you great… but please don’t try to treat cancer or anything with it.


Ya that does suck. Sounds like an allergy. But I’m no doctor. Some people are just allergic to stuff. Tinctures arent pure CBD so if not CBD like you said maybe something else in the oil. What brand was she taking?


I don’t know… something that she got up in Maine.

I think that when he current affliction clears up she might try a different brand.

The hope is that problem was in the make not the active ingredient


Allergies for everything. That’s the unfortunate thing about CBD/THC not being regulated or legal. Sone random shop selling random bottles of CBD oil never quite know exactly what’s in it.


For decades doctors prescribed hormone therapy for huge numbers of middle-aged women. In addition to treating hot flashes and that sort of thing, the drug companies claimed all kinds benefits such as reduced heart disease and cancer.

When the drug companies finally did a controlled test, they found just the opposite. The women who received the treatment had higher cancer rates and more problems with heart disease.

The statistical benefits in earlier studies were a result of self-selection; women were better educated, wealthier and took better care of their health were more likely to get hormone replacement therapy. These other factors masked the harm from with hormones.

Would the women have been better off taking a placebo instead of the hormones?


Placebo is a very strange thing.

But… if a treatment is found to be effective… one should take that because they get actual chemical and biological results AND placebo at the same time.


This worked for my wife:

High doses of Vitamin B-2 (riboflavin) may help prevent migraine headaches, a European study reports in the journal Neurology . The beneficial effects in reducing migraine frequency appeared after a month of daily doses of 400 mg, and increased over the next two months, researchers said.


Was sick with digestive symptoms & migraine with neck and shoulder pain last weekend.

When I went for second acupuncture treatment, there was more reading. Turns out that getting stagnant energy in the body, or “qi” moving is not without side effects—it’s a house cleaning of sorts.

The first two groups of symptoms (out of 8 or 10) were exactly what I experienced. It’s good I was notified the second session so I wasn’t scared before the first & understood it better.

Was actually energized by the second treatment—even the relaxing Chinese music played is invigorating—and am seriously forward to the third session. It is a wonderful mind body approach to pain relief.


I was at a literary conference once, and there was a lecture about the treatments mentioned in a lot of 19th century literature - the speaker was a biochemist and explained why lavender oil had a calming effect, that there was a biochemical basis for it.

I read an article once about taking apple cider vinegar for “acid indigestion”, that the cause might not be excess stomach acid, but the stomach working harder because it had too little digestive acid. I tried it once - about a tbsp in a bit of water - and it did work for me.

As for canine applications, I have learned that you may want to steer away from those calming treats that have hemp or CBD oils for certain breeds (GSDs, shar peis) that may have an especially sensitive digestive system.


There is a product that works along those lines that is called “Stops Acid Reflux.”

Unfortunately, many people are being wrongly treated with anti-antacids, when in fact their real problem is not enough acid.


If you read the side effects of replacement hormones, probable dementia is always listed. I’m glad my OB/GYN didn’t talk me into taking them. There may be other harmful effects from not using hormones, but oddly, I’d like to keep my mind as long as I can.