All the presidents at the Bush funeral service together recited this core prayer. Except one


So many of these politicians are such phonies, none of us know what they are actually like and what they really believe. So much of what they do is just for optics.


Correct. That is an evil act. Garbage does not commit rape. Language matters. It is why you do not call the President evil, but try to liken him to evil by calling both those who commit evil and those whom you do not like, “Garbage.”


no more replying to you. can’t say i didn’t give you a chance.


Thank you. I appreciate that.


Ain’t that the truth. Mind boggling that Christians in this country see Trump as being not a politician, doing anything positive, let alone Christian like.


Anything to avoid calling trump out for his massive amount of non Christian behavior


He moved the US Embassy to Jerusaleum.

What is your opinion on this? Good? Bad?




Pandering to whom?

And in general, do you think it was a good idea or a bad idea?




Christians and evangelicals. I’m not educated enough to say whether it was a good or bad choice. I dont follow Israel and their embassy problems that much. But I’m sure Trump saw it as a way to pander.


Maybe the Trumps have read scripture-

Matthew 6:7.
But when ye pray, use not vain repetitions as the heathen do, for they think that they shall be heard for their much speaking.


Did anyone ask Trump why he didn’t read it?

  1. He didn’t want to put on glasses…makes him look weak
  2. He can’t read. He has a reading disability. Explains why people say he reads nothing given to him in briefing.