All the presidents at the Bush funeral service together recited this core prayer. Except one


Giant platitudes arent facts.


Here’s some facts:

Trump is a habitual liar
Trump regularly personally attacks people
Trump brags about grabbing women by the ■■■■■
Trump cheats and pays off mistresses
Trump is extremely greedy

Oh and the deficit has doubled.

But I got a tax cut, so I dont care, praise jesus


This is what Donald Trump worships…


No dude, you’re wayyyyyy past TDS.


He moved the US embassy to Jerusalem.

Good or bad deed?


Yep. electing a sociopathic, serial lying, wife cheating, semi literate scumbag for president will turn Washington on it’s side very time.

Good job.

Continuing to support this piece of garbage who is as far from the Christian ideal a possible make Christians look like hypocritical hacks.

Good job to them as well.


Christians don’t regard anyone as a piece of garbage.


Especially child rapists.


How many do you know? I know none.


It makes no sense does it. Cons just wanted to elect a bully to the playground. The worst of all political traits in 1 person. Disrespect. Lying. Adultery. Corruption. And christians cons eat it up because he says rude things about brown people and Democrats. Jesus is rolling over in his…I mean God knows what’s up


The Pope sure does.


True, real Christians don’t do that, but I have yet to meet, hear, or see a real Christian in my life.

Plenty of “so called” Christians, or “self described and or self identified” Christians I have seen, met, and heard in my life.

But not any “real” ones.


We are definitely a work in progress. None of us are born Christians, it is what we strive to become.


It’s against TOS to attack users for flagging posts


Quote the TOS please


It’s always been abuse of honored guest to attack people for using flagging tools or reporting things to moderators. Go ahead try it out see what happens.


Whether Donald is truly Christian or not is irrelevant in the context of this funeral.

Look at it this way - you are attending the Buddhist funeral of someone, and in the course of the service you are asked to join in reciting the Heart Sutra with everyone to honor the life of the deceased. Is it so hard to read along in the provided program as a demonstration of respect and baseline decency?


Its Donald trump


Lol well yes, we all know why Donald couldn’t be arsed to participate. I’m just explaining how or why a lukewarm/non-believer might choose to.


Yes, I see. But…we are talking about trump supporters. They dont care.