All the presidents at the Bush funeral service together recited this core prayer. Except one


… said the unhinged man.


The I am rubber and you are glue argument is incredible.


Really? :question:

Religious test for presidency?

No argument with that one.


To you, that’s clever.

If the opposition to the unhinged fabrications you libs offer is “T” “D” anything, it’s TRUTH DEFENSE.


That’s sickness.


That’s quite evident. Shouldn’t be news to anyone.


Religious test for presidency?
Let’s not be dishonest. It happened to Obama by questioning his faith and not believing he accepted Yeshua as Lord and Savior. Questioned and forced him to distanced himself from his church because of a 20 second sound clip. Many of them jokers didn’t even care to listened to the whole sermon which was actually good one. Accused him of being a Muslim(which it shouldn’t matter what faith he is…right?). You got the nerve to talk about a religious test for presidency, when the main test since as far as I can remember was rather a candidate was for or against abortion and gay marriage. Hell, in a lot of cases that was THE ONLY issue a constituent would vote on. That person could bring hell on earth, but as long as they were against abortion and gay marriage they were cool irie and must be a man/woman of God. Yo…stop the nonsense and start being honest.

Basic stuff one who grew up in a church(Catholic, Episcopal, CME, AME, AME Zion) should know. Even if one have ever taken communion consistently in any church, a person should know at least the apostle’s creed.


Your question said to quiz (if not GRILL, depending on the interviewer) prayers and passages.

Definitely a religious test.

Those aren’t (to quote you) “As a Christian there 3 basic versus or prayers you should know …” There is no tenet in any Christian faith expression that requires (or even calls for) your triad of prayers. Yes, very true, if you frequently attended services in many mainline churches such as those in your list, you’ve heard them countless times, and if you followed along in the service you even recited them. But knowing these is not, in any way, a mark of being a Christian. (As was previously noted in this thread, even Jimmy Carter needed the cue card.)


Well with those that have TDS there is no satisfying em…so why bother.

Thanks for proving my point.


What does President Trump have to do with how I live my personal life? I voted for him, because I believe, politically, Washington needed to be turned on its ear, and so far, I have not been disappointed.


still having a hard time being honest.

I understand. Continue with your defense.


I have no TDS.


Trump Derangement Syndrome - people who support Trump even though everything he does has been proven to be dishonest and self-serving from day one.


Glad to see Christians selling out


Do you think Washington will be improved once Trump leaves office?

Has Trump implemented ideals and best practices that will carry on after he’s gone?


Can we stop with the word “unhinged?”

Buzz words are so stupid.


I am hoping so. President Trump has carried through on the promises upon which he campaigned. So many candidates seem to fold once they take office. They follow the money, go where the money is. This President already has money. I am hoping future candidates can take the good (whatever they believe that to be) that President Trump demonstrated could be implemented, that they dare to follow through on election promises instead of kowtowing to the lobbyists that promise funds for future campaigns.

I am hoping the electorate will see that they can insist on certain things from their candidates. Perhaps they will even develop a taste for straight forward talk rather than soothing lullabies so many politicians adopt.

There is a lot to be learned from President Trump: Some of it is what to do; some of it is what not to do.

One thing is true: No one kicks a deflated football. As Abraham Lincoln had reason to note, “No one throws a snowball at the top hat of the shortest man.” Whatever else President Trump is, he is not some small, deflated being. He is someone everyone seems to feel is worth taking on. We should all reflect on that. No one is being lullabied by this President. We are all wide awake and paying attention.


This post is one giant platitude. Trump is an immoral scumbag who has only accomplished tax cuts. Christian’s defending this scumbag are sell outs.




Can we discuss this with just the facts and let people draw their own conclusions?

The topic I’d like to discuss, and admittedly this would be best for the political folder, but since it’s here, let’s run with it…

Once Trump has left office will someone - either Democrat or Republican - immediately start dismantling his legacy?

Or are there any good things he’s done that should be kept?


To the bold, I can not in all fairness think of any, might be something, but I can’t think of any?