All the presidents at the Bush funeral service together recited this core prayer. Except one


Your problem is you think “libs on this board” are trying to conclude what someone believes – probably because that what you people do. What’s actually being said is that trump proffered himself as a a “religious” man and acts like anything but.


Actually President Trump said he supported freedom of Religion/freedom of conscience. I voted for the President knowing he and I have very different perspectives of religion. I do appreciate his respect in letting people of faith follow their conscience.


And you voted for him for upholding those ■■■■■ grabbing Christian values, right?


He was never an evangelical. And “Trumpists” have always known that.

Your TDS is blinding you.


My vision is perfectly clear. My hindsight in the coming years will look back with clarity and, in those days when I look back, I will see what I see now.

Will Trumpists?


Truer words…


That’s a non-statement. Which presidents DIDN’T do that?


Except for the scary Muslims.


LOL 10apostlescreeds


Thanks for the unhinged opinion.


How many times was Obama attacked on these boards for being a Muslim, even though he said all the time he was a Christian.

How many posters insisted on using his full name Barack Hussein Obama as if that proved that he was a Muslim despite the fact that he told everyone he was a Christian?

If Obama had done what Trump did, he’d have been excoriated by Sean, Rush and by most Conservatives on this board, including you.

But since its Trump…


Who told you that? And


Either he can’t read or he just doesn’t know it. Even if you are a half way Christian that probably grew up as child in the church and left as an adult should know the apostles creed. As a Christian there 3 basic versus or prayers you should know, “The Lords Prayer”, “The Apostles Creed”, and “The beatitudes”. My kids, 9 and 11 know, who are not saved at the very least know and can recite those 3. I wish someone out the blue ask the president to quote, “The Lords Prayer” or something as simple as John 3:16 or better even more simpler, John 11:35. He convinced so called evangelicals that he is a religious man by saying he was against abortion (not a position on Romans Road to salvation). Someone leading another to Christ is not going to ask you if you’re against abortion. Anyway, then he took it a step further by telling folks he was saved, sanctified and filled with the Holy Spirit, but leads a life opposite this.

Honestly, I can’t imagine what the narrative would have been if this was Obama, actually I can imagine it.

HYPOCRITES! You know who you are, we SEE YOU


Trump did not do what this LIBERAL wanted him to do. He should have gone to Marred-A-Lago to hob-nob with his cadre of swells there and left the President George Herbert Walker Bush memorial and presidential send off to the adults.

At least he did keep his nasty mouth shut. That should have been a given and not something anyone “wanted” him to do. But he could have at least shown some sincere emotion for the man under that draped flag upon the casket. For Bush’s family. Instead he is seen with that grumpy puss face of his and arms crossed, the way he does when he is bored or displeased with the proceedings. He was looking more like he was having severe intestinal distress, perhaps from his last greasy cheeseburger and fries.

All in all though, this Liberal is happy with his presence there, since he was invited.

Not that he picked up on any of the digs that came his way that were within the testimonials, either intentional or not, they likely zinged right on past him, he is so self absorbed and dense, but at least they are on record now and will be there for eternal reference for generations to come.


WUDS + TDS makes many a Trumplican show their true selves!

*WUDS = World Upside Down Syndrome
I coined that back in early August of 2015. It was after I watched the spectacle of so many of my fellow Right Wingers of the time suddenly flipping upside down; accepting and or fully embracing in Donald Trump those behaviors that I had witnessed them angrily deplore cursing and denouncing them for all of President Barack Hussein Obama’s two terms of office. Then even further back when it came to Hillary Clinton and anything she would do.

TDS = Trump Defense Sickness
That is one I relatively recently coined. It is when Trump screws up or lies or makes any matter worse or just plain shows how dumb he really is, no matter what, against all that is true and factual in such instances, the Trumplican will feverishly rush to Trump’s defense, blindly and with sickening zeal they will defend what just a couple years ago they would rail against and point to as the most horrid of behavior or occurrence.

It is a sickness.


Apostles Creed was great.

Damn russians again.


Trump’s God is money. He shouldn’t read it.


Good one!


I wish people would give trump a pass on this one. It’s clear that the president doesn’t know how to read.


… said the blind man.