All the presidents at the Bush funeral service together recited this core prayer. Except one


Jeez Conan, there are lefties in this very thread agreeing with you. I agree with you. He did fine. I don’t expect people to be required to recite any kind of prayers that they are not comfortable with.


Guys, he was just protesting the Creed to bring attention to the injustice that is Christian persecution. We know he and his supporters are all for that type of advocacy.

  1. I correct unhinged errors made about the president. If that’s “support”, so be it.

  2. We have continued to degrade as a society. Today we’re being told that saying a prayer one might not believe in is a sign of honoring a president.

Are you hinting with your little comment that you agree with Black Wolf that we should say prayers of faith to honor a president?


I agree with BlackWolf at least as much as I disagree with him. It’s a complicated relationship.


It’s perfectly reasonable that a “christian” president wouldn’t read a christian prayer at a christian funeral. What’s wrong with you people? So critical.


Well, yeah, it certainly could be. You do realize Christianity isn’t cookie cutter, yes? There are branches that reject the concept of a creed, let alone a recitation of it.


You really wanna run interference for this one? Have at it.


I don’t "run interference for Donald. I am, however, glad that the poser didn’t recite a creed I have every suspicion he doesn’t believe in.

However, your post was inaccurate. Not every Christian would cite that Christian creed at a Christian funeral. Sizable numbers wouldn’t. Your argument/point was poor.


Your argument is uninteresting. Have a nice evening.


But as a devout Presbyterian (Christian), he DOES believe in the Apostles Creed.

I would submit that he was finished with paying attention, and was thinking about lunch.



10 devout Presbys



I wasn’t making an argument, just exposing the flaw in yours.


Yeah. It just seems impossible for him.


It always makes me mad when I go to a different church and they get the words wrong.



Because he can’t read.


I also heard trump used dijon mustard today for his lunch


If he dies, he dies.


Get this…

The libs on this board have set themselves up as the arbiters of what someone believes.

The same libs who will cry “Separation of Church and State” when the slightest hint of a moral message might emanate from some obscure corner of the government are now complaining that the president didn’t pray to their satisfaction.

The same libs who will complain about “shoving religion down their throats” when a hint of a moral element can be found in some legislation.

The same libs who are profoundly unhinged about anything to do with Trump.


Meh. It’s about Trump and his supporters. Not like I give a ■■■■■ but it’s fun to watch them come in here and defend his right to be exactly the opposite of what he sold to them.

Trumpists bought an evangelical and defend him when he demonstrates that he is the opposite. I don’t care that he’s not religious. I just find it hilarious to watch the ones woe elected him defending it.


But not Presbyterians.