All the presidents at the Bush funeral service together recited this core prayer. Except one


Sorry, no whataboutism allowed, according to your fellow libs here.


I think the issue is… evangelicals praise Trump for being Christian and Trump himself calls himself Christian… he also said Obama wasn’t. This is just showing hypocrisy.

If Trump never said anything about his religion or others, this would be a non-issue.


Pence didn’t need any stinking booklets!


Pence is trying to look intelligently Presidential?


Just pointing out that this is the modern state of politics.

Not a lib.


My error.



Something I am still not too keen on, that “whataboutism”, but sometimes it is just too damned appropriate to not go there.

Especially with the mass hypocrisy of the Trumplicans on display, via TDS aka Trump Defense Sickness, since early August of 2015, when we reached World Upside Down status in America.

World upside down, that came when the things Right Wingers cursed and rued about President Barack Hussein Obama were suddenly fine and wonderful attributes in a president, when Donny descended the Trump Tower stairs and declared his candidacy.


They would spontaneously combust?


I believe Jimmy Carter is in a Southern Baptist church here in GA. I’ve been involved with a few Southern Baptist churches, and they typically don’t recite the Apostles Creed on a regular basis.


Remember this? image


Agreed. I don’t really see an issue with this.




Trump did what everyone wanted him to do. Go there and pay his respect and keep his mouth shut…abut yet libs still aren’t happy.

There no pleasing em is there?


Obviously not well enough to recite it without the cue card.

When I am in another’s church I don’t pledge or participate in things I don’t believe in. And I don’t want people who don’t believe what we do to pretend they are “respecting” something they don’t believe in by pledging or participating in stuff they don’t believe.

Common prayer and common rites are a statement of unity. Non-believers participating in them make a farce of that unity.

To me is says nothing either way. I do not know what he believes, so it’s not my place to say that he should (not) have read along.

I’m baffled why you would demand that he should have read it.


Reading a prayer about faith in God has nothing to do with honoring a president.

What a twisted culture we’ve become if reading a prayer is necessary to honor a president. (And what a lowly state our view of religion has become if our prayers are to be recited to honor a president.)


I don’t think this is a big deal though, I was more interested in the talk about the trumps and Clintons not acknowledging each other.


You’ve been posting self-styled jeremiads against this culture long before you supported Donald.


I don’t agree with the evangelicals who try to pass off Trump as Christian. He’s certainly not a good example of one, anyway. To me, it’s a fool’s errand.

But yes, Trump’s own assertions and his charges against Obama on that point fly in the face of just about any outward appearance of Trump’s own behavior vis-a-vis being a Christian.


Or just imagine, if even today, that the Obamas just opted out of a prayer in public.


I think most, if not all the charges he listed were examples of unhinged complaints against Trump.