All religions (or lack thereof) are equally valid


The claims of all religion can be falsified in an objective manner. The global flood and two of every species are claims that have been disproven. No, i think that this claim is not true.


Did you learn calculus before you learned arithmetic? Did you write a novel before you learned the alphabet? Your questions have the cart before the horse.

Learn about ancient Jewish culture and their teachings and how they taught.


Who turned the account of the flood into a “global flood.” Certainly the language of the time didn’t. Hundreds of years ago many Jews were not discussing the flood as a global event simply because the Hebrew language doesn’t bear this out. Modern English had people leaping to the conclusion of a global event. Modern English, by the way, is what caused some to think that the earth is only six thousand years old. Hebrew doesn’t bear that out either.


What was the wager? What did God win?


Unless we invalidate a lot of the sciences as we know them, the global flood is clearly a myth.


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Did you learn calculus before you learned arithmetic? Did you write a novel before you learned the alphabet? Your questions have the cart before the horse. [/quote]
If You could kindly explain what you mean.

Is it parable based on fact? What are the facts?


Ah, so no global flood. Got it. Lots of fundie Christians will be unhappy.


Nah. They’ll just ignore the facts and evidence like they always do.


Im more using an example of of a religious claim that can be falsified as an example.


What was the author’s intent/purpose in writing the story of Job?
What was the people’s knowledge/concept of God at that time?

What is your own purpose for scoffing at the story of Job?
What is your own knowledge/concept of God?


About six hundred years ago Protestants came up with the idea that each person could read and interpret the Bible for him/herself.

Jews quietly said, “The Bible should be studied, not read.”
Catholics, in a normal tone, said, “The Bible should be interpreted now the same way it was interpreted at the time of Christ.”

Protestants insisted people could read and interpret for themselves. Hence came the idea of a global flood; of a six thousand year old earth; of every word in the Bible being literally true.

Jews (perhaps better than Catholics, but Catholics to an extent as well) are concerned about the lesson(s) being presented in each account. Arguing whether a flood was local or global; whether the earth is six thousand years old; whether or not God bets is an almost purely Protestant phenomenon, the fruit of insisting each person can determine for himself what scripture “really” says. This is a classic example of reaping what they sowed. Instead of studying scripture and learning the wisdom in age old lessons, they have turned many into atheists and those remaining choose to quarrel instead.


Which Biblical lesson (not details in the lesson) do you want to proven false?


It sure would be nice if you answered direct questions with direct answers instead of questions. It borders on rudeness.


Certainly no rudeness intended. Your “direct” questions have nothing to do with the story. It’s comparable to asking, “Then the Lord of the Rings is a story about jewelry?”


Why do so many cultures have flood stories?..


If you say so. The collateral damage of the story is a woman and children are killed due to God’s test of faith.


Why can’t you just directly answer the question?


Because local floods were quite common in coastal and river areas?


Nat’l Geographic Video on the black sea flood at end of ice age.


Perhaps, or it could have been this…

"“We’re talking about a lake the size of the UK emptying very quickly,” Bateman told Reuters by telephone. “We don’t know the exact period of time but we’re talking about a catastrophic flood.”

“Mega-flood triggered cooling 13,000 years ago: scientists”