All religions (or lack thereof) are equally valid


Just review any number of sharp comments from yourself. I don’t mind conversing back and forth with meri and some of the others. You? Not so much.


Just giving my observations.


More like attacks. Here’s an observation for you. Anything from you in the future will be totally ignored.

I am shaking the dust off my shoes as regards you. Have a nice life.


If only you knew how truly nice it is. And it just gets better every single day.


In this day of Separation of Church and State, it is often forgotten that these wars weren’t Protestants brawling with Catholics over the faith. Faith had become a matter of politics and the religion of the ruler determined the religion of its people. Take a look at the wars themselves, and it can be see the wars were truly about the accumulation of power and territory for that region’s rulers.

Yes, the wars began because Catholic rulers insisted their religion be followed (no separation of Church and State–and the ruler’s religion reigned) but the end game was territory and power for governments.


The reign of bloody Mary comes to mind.


God heals who He wills. Some yes, others not. All for His Glory. Read this tonight and thought I would share the link. Here is a conclusion of Micheal Brown.

But I can say that:

We should continue to pray for the sick with expectation of healing.
We should continue to ask God to restore the fullness of His healing power to His Church, for His glory and our good (we should also pray that He would help us to walk worthy of the manifestation of His miraculous power, lest our flesh get in the way).
We should give thanks to God in the midst of our sickness and pain, asking Him to work everything out for His purposes and seeking to grow in grace and the character of Jesus in the midst of our affliction.
We should hate the destructive and disfiguring power of sickness and disease, longing for the day when they will be no more.
We should minister healing and comfort through both natural and supernatural means, however and whenever possible.
We should remember that more important than healing the body is saving the soul and changing the heart. And so, our greatest emphasis should be on winning the lost, although salvation and healing often go hand in hand.


Anyone read the book, “Q” by Luther Blissett?

A story of the Reformation. 765 pages. Q a Catholic Spy, stalking an Anabaptist.

Schisms are terrible things and completely anathema to true religion.

Fighting 16th and 17th century (or earlier) wars today, even as mild bickering, is blind. Martyrs on all sides.

Schisms within Christianity, Buddhism and Hinduism, or between all three represemts form over substance and short-sighted


I think you miss the point as does the article you posted. If God heals people, why does he never heal amputees?


When sin entered the world humanity was/is under a curse. This life can be hard but God is always with us. His plan is always good. People suffer for various reasons. Have you read Job?


The book of Job shows that God will allow the Devil to kill people in order to win a bet.

If God heals people, why has he never healed an amputation?


The Book of Job was originally a play presenting the age old question of why do bad things happen to good people. An answer to that question is offered.

The original author and audiences would simply roll their eyes at the ignorance of some 21st humans and most likely retort, “Why do your playwrights let bad things happen to the heroes in your own movies?”

Why didn’t God make us like starfish so that we might regrow new limbs? Why doesn’t God heal the common cold? That’s kind of like asking why the wind doesn’t bring us gold and silver, and why the sun doesn’t produce air conditioning. As everyone knows, that is not the purpose of wind nor the purpose of the sun. God’s purpose is with our spiritual well-being, which sometimes affects our physical health. Sometimes spiritual healing will result in better physical (and mental) health, which may be why we sometimes see healing from no physical cause.


So Job didn’t actually happen? It is a parable?


When people pray to God for some miraculous cure for some ailment, does God every intercede and heal them?

I hear plenty of stories about God healing cancer. Does He or does He not heal cancer at times?

From your last sentence, it seems you believe he does: “…which may be why we sometimes see healing from no physical cause.”

Why does God not perform this healing on amputees? Ever. Not once has he chosen to do so. If has healed cancer, why not someone who stepped on a landmine?


That is a Christian corruption of a Jewish scripture. The devil is a Christian creation and is nowhere in the Tanakh. The entity mentioned in Job is Ha-Satan, the accuser. Most likely an angel serving God in that position. Note that in Job Ha-satan takes orders from and obeys God. What mythology about the devil indicates to you that the devil will obey God?

The Jewish Ha-Satan and the Christian devil are not the same. It is heretical in Judaism to believe in another immortal being that is equal to and opposite of God. You’ve heard the commandment you will have no other gods before me. Belief that there is a devil to oppose God violates that commandment.


That is a load of crap.


Not necessarily. Many plays/movies today are based on fact. Just as today, ancient people also felt they were being tested. The opening scene is has God and His tester (HaSatan) taking stock of the earth an its people. We have the writer’s thinking of the part God and His angels play in the affairs of humans.


Stepping on a landmine is a physical act with physical consequences. God is a spiritual being, concerned with the everlasting (spirit), not that which ages, erodes, and dies (physical). Studies have shown that people who enjoy good spiritual health are often able to recover from illnesses, such as cancer. Holistic health treats body, mind, and spirit, believing that the overall person is affected by what they are going through mentally, bodily, and spiritually.


So did God make a bet with HaSatan? Did HaSatan kill Job’s wife and children?


So God does not personally intervene to heal someone’s cancer. It can heal spontaneously from just living well.

You should know that cancer heals spontaneously for some people who are not living well. One might say that the healing can be somewhat random.