All religions (or lack thereof) are equally valid


We don’t require a suit and tie. I have seen sermons without it. Try again?


You have yet to actually tell it like it is. That would be what telling a falsehood is.


I believe that is what she was getting at.


I tell the truth concerning the scriptures. I think you are so deep into the canon and catcheisms that you don’t really know the difference. No disrespect intended.


I missed it. My apologies.


To a Catholic, your questions can be compared to this: During a football game, why do you knock down ten pins and call it a basket? Just as a sports enthusiast would be at a loss as what to explain first, football, bowling, or basketball, the Catholic is in a like dilemma.


Not what I was talking about. The vast majority of what you’ve said about the Catholic church has been false. Now it seems to me that someone who wants the truth to come from their lips would want to fix that.


I know my scriptures and know when the catholic church veers from those. I don’t know everything about the catholic church nor see any need to.

I know enough to have no interest in joining it.


Precisely. You wear whatever you choose. As do we. We choose vestments.


I thought you were saying it was required. My apologies.


Then it was clear…


Sadly, you don’t know. And in the not knowing there can be no interest.


Oh I absolutely do know. Thanks for your concern however. :smiley:


That much is quite obvious. It would be more accurate to say you don’t know anything about it. And what you think you know about it is wrong

As to the need to, how about having credibility for other points you would like to make? If you are here happily spreading falsehoods about another religion, why should anyone listen to anything you have to say about your own and trust that it is the truth when you have given no evidence of truthfulness in other matters?

No one is asking you to. And I’m not sure if the Catholics would want you to. But how about civil discussion sharing beliefs without trying to tell others what they believe?

Can you see the difference between
“Why do priests wear robes at mass?”
“Catholics require priests to wear robes at mass.”


Only to those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.



The more i know about your church the worse it gets really. I will say i admire your church’s stand on abortion and always have.

Am still sore from all those “porcupine quills” i picked out last night :grin: so i have no interest in a hours long back and forth today.

p.s. You mentioned the LDS several times and it dawned on me that you might think me a member.
No I am not. Just wanted to clear that up.


That much was obvious.


Then you are not learning the truth about them.


I already know the truth. Go away “porcupine”.


about some things, maybe. About the Catholic church? All you have displayed is ignorance, and all you have said about it is false.

You’re not that lucky. Now why do you have to go and start calling other people names? I’ve not done that to you. Not a very Christian thing for you to do here.

Yesterday, you brought up the scripture about calling no man father. There is more to that scripture. Do you use the title ‘Mister’? As a sign of respect to a man you might have just meet. Did you teach your kids to respect their elders by using that term when addressing an adult man? If you did that or if you do it now, you are violating a command from Jesus in that same scripture. ‘Mister’ is an alteration of the word ‘Master’.

And this is what Jesus said about calling another man ‘Master’.

10 Neither be ye called masters: for one is your Master, even Christ.