All religions (or lack thereof) are equally valid


How about the pope?


Forgive me for using information from one of your earlier posts. How was I to know you were giving inaccurate information about yourself?


Where are the scriptures requiring this? :smiley:


He is the bishop of Rome.


Where are the scriptures prohibiting it?


There was no bishop of rome in the 1st century. Also once again he is just a man not one to be bowed before.


Perhaps you missed the places that mentioned Jesus wearing a robe, or being stripped of his robe?


Speak where the Bible speaks and be silent where it is silent is good advice.


I missed the requirement of it to be worn in the services.


I was not addressing any of that. You asked about the pope, I gave you information about the pope.


You said earlier your ministers wear a suit and tie. Scriptural?


Where are the scriptures requiring this? :grinning:


Bet you guys are from California. I have a sister in law who is catholic out there. She and her kids clearly have never been questioned and don’t like it.

Probably because there are so many out there. In this area there are many more noncatholic christians than catholics.


Not required to wear a suit and tie. You guys try to require the robes. Tradition.


Questioned about what, exactly?


Any discrepancies between the scriptures and catholic teaching or practices.


You have asked pitifully few questions, in spite of me encouraging you to do so. You have, however, spouted many falsehoods.


Ever heard of not adding to or taking away from the scriptures? It’s in Revelation.


We “require” robes like other “require” a suit and tie. Our practice is vestments of the type worn in Roman times. It appears your practice is suit and tie worn in modern times.


No i just tell it like it is. You aren’t required to like it.