All religions (or lack thereof) are equally valid


Yes, they do.

"There are ordinary means for receiving forgiveness of venial sins outside of confession. These include: attending Mass and worthily receiving Communion; doing acts of charity; fasting; and almsgiving.

It is also possible to receive forgiveness of mortal sins outside of confession. In this case a person is required to have perfect contrition – sorrow for sin which springs from perfect love, that is, for having offended God. "


Gasp! I’m supposed to be bowing to the priest!?! I wonder why I have never done so nor seen anyone do so…


They don’t bow before him during Communion? Don’t bow before the pope?


In Jesus’ day, there were different sects. The founders of those sects were called “Father” because they had formed them and their teachings. Martin Luther, John Calvin, etc. are examples of the type of people Jesus said not to call Father. The teachings Jesus gave are directly from our Father in heaven. He is our Father, not Luther, not Calvin, not the founder of the denomination you follow, etc.


I have no reason to believe those vestments came from the early church. More likely tradition well after the 1st century church along with a lot of other things.


Novels are works of fiction.


That’s not what Jesus said.

Matthew 23:9 | View whole chapter | See verse in context
And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven.


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I already presented the context.


Like the Canon? :grin: I was referring to the length of the reply that would be needed to address everything.


I presented the exact instructions. You presented tradition.



Isn’t it shocking when you find out your prejudices are wrong. And not just a little bit, but dismally so.


Did you call your father by his first name? The same with Professors, Doctors, etc. (whose titles also have their roots in the same word).


Daddy, the more you post about the Catholic church, the more obvious it is that you don’t know jack ■■■■ about it. Why don’t you quit while you are behind and just ask some honest questions and learn something for a change. Or in your 50 years of study, have you learned all there is to know, so now your mind is closed to any new information?


Yeah well i’ve seen these things in televised masses. Should i believe you or my lying eyes?


The priest is holding the Eucharist, which we believe to be body, blood, and divinity of Christ. We are bowing before Christ.


I didn’t call him Father.Never. Daddy is what we called him.


More than 50 years. More like 55+. I know the scriptures well enough to know when you guys are drifting.


Then do the research. Do Catholic vestments look more closely resemble traditional Roman robes or a suit and tie?


Perhaps you should instead ask about it and learn the context of what was happening.

During communion, Christ is physically present. If any bowing was being done, it was to Him. Not to any human. If you were standing in the physical presence of Christ, would you bow?