All religions (or lack thereof) are equally valid


And yet no mention of a mass.


Conked evil???


This sounds like you disagree that a community of people should not gather together to:

  1. Ask for God’s forgiveness
  2. Give praise and thanksgiving to God
  3. Listen to scripture (One reading from the Old Testament, one Psalm, two New Testament readings)
  4. Celebrate the Last Supper

Does your church eschew all of the above? What do they do when they gather?


We do some of that but our service bears no resemblance to a mass.

We sing songs of praise to our Lord. We have prayers led by church members. We have a sermon preached by the preacher with a heavy emphasis on and much quoting of the scriptures.

We have an invitation song during which people sometimes come forward making a confession that Jesus is the messiah the Son of God, expressing their desire to repent and be baptized which is done immediately.

We also have communion.


Sounds a lot like a mass.


Typo, obviously.


Note the bold. We have that as well. The homily (sermon) discusses the day’s readings. So if the Mass is similar to what you are doing, what problem do you see with it? What exactly are Catholics doing (or not doing) that is so egregious?


Nope. I’ve seen portions of masses on the tube.


The English teacher in me must ask: Typo or Spell Check? :grinning:


Because you all want a Catholic Priest to intercede between us and God. Protestants believe we can actually talk directly to God and ask for ‘forgiveness’ of our sins. I have two brothers that died in childhood. One buried in a Catholic Cemetery because he was ‘baptized’ at birth. One in another cemetery because he wasn’t.

My first baby was born in 1975…and in the hospital, a Catholic Priest wouldn’t baptize him because the father was a Catholic that was divorced. He grew up and accepted Christ on his own.


Spell check. damn phone is always betraying me


We don’t have the huge robes and hats (preacher usually wears a suit and tie) nor the incense or whatever you guys swing around with smoke coming out of it.

We would never bow before a priest or a pope for that matter. We believe just as Peter said to Cornelious when Cornelious bowed before him to get up because he (peter) was just a man.

We don’t call our leaders Father because Jesus said to call no man father upon the earth.

Matthew 23:9 | View whole chapter | See verse in context
And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven.

It would take a novel to go into all the differences. Most posters here want to see sound bites.

Does this means catholics will be lost? No idea. That is the Job of Jesus not me.

I know that most of the 7 churches of Asia mentioned in the book of revelation were said to have strayed and were urged to repent quickly.

One or two of those churches such as Sardis however Jesus said that a few had not defiled their garments and they would walk with him in white.


I don’t even know what you mean by this. How is a Catholic priest interceding between God and me? A specific example would be helpful.


Psalm 135:16

You obviously did not pay attention


Catholics believe the same.




I looked into Canon Law. The ruling is not over divorce, which may be a contributing factor. The priest who performs the baptism of any baby must have a reasonable belief that the baby would be raised in the Catholic faith by someone who is a practicing Catholic.


No they don’t. Catholics want people to come into a little room and profess their ‘sins’ to a priest to intercede. I’d prefer to talk to God/Jesus myself. I don’t need a middle man/person. Thus the difference between Catholics and Protestants.

The GOOD NEWS is that we all believe in God and Jesus. :hugs:


Exasperating when it’s me, but I love the giggles when I see it happen to anyone else.


The robes aren’t huge, and priests don’t wear hats. The simple vestments are traced back to the early church. When clothing styles changed, the church remained with the traditional vestments that had always been in use.

Incense is offered to God on very special occasions, probably two or three times a year. It symbolizes the prayers of the faithful rising to God.