A serious medicare for all question for A.O.C


After the fact, every Republican politician is disavowed.


The only people claiming AOC is the new face of dem party are right wingers. CEC is building your new boogeywoman for you. It’s so transparent.




Bottom of the totem pole in terms of Congressional seniority.

But she is higher than anyone around here is or ever will be.


Well yeah. If Tina Fey says it’s true, then by golly it’s true! Think on that for a moment.


The last time I did that. She hit on me. I tried to let her down easy. I wasn’t expecting the tears.


You are mistaken, that isnt what Tina Fey said. But Palin did in fact say that you could see russia from an Island in Alaska. Under the conditions I specified in the referenced post she actually was correct, but used as a scare tactic it sucked badly.


I too am mad hypothetically at AOC for hypothetically being a hypocrite.


I am not mistaken. Tina Fey said “You can see Russia from my house.”


So what if she did, that isnt the statement I made, I stated what palin said. In fact her exact quote was…

“They’re our next-door neighbors, and you can actually see Russia from land here in Alaska, from an island in Alaska”:

The fact that an SNL actor made a satirical skit about it doesnt change the palin did say you could see Russia from Alaska. That quote was every bit as stupid as the satire that followed it, particularly from perspective that one had to travel to am inhabited remote island of Alaska to do so.


AllRightyThen. I would suggest not voting for her then. I won’t be. :+1:


What about a mix of private/public like the UK where public provide basic service and private provide extras non essentials.


Possibly. But only of government and the private sector get the exact same plan. The same price, the same waiting periods, everything completely identical. And I have concerns with politicians thinking that they are insurance experts and have all the answers. They are certainly not insurance experts.


Yes everyone would get the same basic plan, but for non essential you could buy private insurance to cover those we have this in Canada.

I have private health insurance through work that covers dental, vision, massage therapy, prescriptions, etc

my public insurance cover basic essential health costs.


Also I would push this at the State level not the Federal level.


But in the U.S. congress is greedy. Very greedy. They have access to free outpatient care, a free private congressional doctor and have 76 percent of their premiums paid by the tax payer. There is no way that they will give up a single benefit and accept the inferior plan that they would force on us. If they think their insurance plan for us is a good one, then they need to be the first to accept it for themselves. Lead by example.


I would completely gut the Congressional plan and put them on the same basic care plan and allow them to work out a private deal with an insurance provider like any other workplace.


I would too.


I view basic healthcare as a fundamental right.


I do not think you understand what Medicare-For-All (MFA) entails.

Under MFA system, pretty much everything stays the same, except for one thing: Everybody receives a Medicare card. That’s it. Most people get their insurance through their employer. Every time you receive a paycheck, the government will be taking money out of your check to pay for the program. This would be the substitute for the insurance company deducting money out of your check.

For government workers, they too would receive a medicare card and have to pay taxes the same way as the common folk. And I really don’t think AOC would mind contributing to the same government account as the so-called regular folks.