A serious medicare for all question for A.O.C


She is the same age as GOP wunderkind when he took office.

Yet somehow he got none of the guff that she gets.
Why is that?


Convincing people to vote for you is an accomplishment


I can’t explain that. Ryan is an empty suit. I have no clue how he ended up in leadership. Boggles the mind.


Yes it is. So was her college career.


Did you ever vote for him to be Vice President?


I did. I know more about Ryan now than I did then. I’m not a fan. Glad he’s gone.


Fair enough.


She hasn’t employed anybody, been in any type of leadership position, or has any real professional experience. I lot of conservatives think she is an idiot. I don’t think that for a minute. I just think that she exists in a world of theory. Not reality. The reason that most of the world want’s to get into America is that we are not the type of totalitarian nation that she wants to create. Our current system is why we are at the top of the pyramid. About 40 countries have failed using her type of socialism. It’s a really bad idea.


Congresswoman is a leadership position. One which very few people will ever achieve.

In this way, she’s already achieved more than you or I ever will.

Don’t be jelly.


ICAM its absolutely tyranny and Congress will never impose on themselves what they impose on us. They didn’t impose Obamacare on themselves!

The claim from leftists is that 70% of people polled want medicare for all, until they find out that medicare for all means you can’t have a private HC insurance plan through your employer and then it flips drastically to only about 35%…imagine that! :thinking:


So is being elected President.


Where exactly does she rank in the congressional leadership?

She was elected to represent her district, no more, no less.


Uh, they have to pick their plan from the exchange IIRC…


Did you know you can see Russia from a desolate island in Alaska on an absolutely clear day under pristine conditions with a set of binoculars. Think on that for a moment.


Yes. Under the ACA law they are required to choose a plan through the Marketplace.

The difference is that, like others who get their health insurance through their employers, the government does pay for a share of the premium of the plans they choose.

ACA marketplace plans are really meant for those that don’t have employer subsidized health insurance, but it would have been very bad for them politically if they didn’t require it,

Funny thing is that most people don’t even know of this requirement. I just laugh when I hear people say they deserve the same health insurance as Congress does. HELLO!


Ya but the wall is 5.9 billion. Medicare for all is 35 trillion plus the loss of millions of jobs. “Shaken, not stirred”


Master of Science in Computer Science. I didn’t graduate Cum Laude but I assuming she didn’t have to take Linear Algebra, Discrete Mathematics, Chem 1-2, Physics 1-2, a plethora of stat classes as well as Calc 1- 4.


Econ majors take plenty of stat classes.


You really think it is far better, how so?


I suppose “all” means everyone. That would include her and Congress. But I honestly don’t care. Freshman congresspeople aren’t setting policy alone, so what she wants or suggests means nothing.

Let’s talk when she drafts a bill and the democratic caucus takes it serious. Until then, don’t let her take up too much space inside your head.