A serious medicare for all question for A.O.C


Yeah, but there is a much better plan that costs less and provides better coverage…

Eveyone can be covered, including the plan congress has…


Just trying to figure out what she means by medicare for all? Who is “all?” What do you think?


Right. Serving gin and tonics one day. Screwing around with my health insurance the next day. What could possibly go wrong?


Is that anything like claiming imminent domain on a casino and running it into the ground one day then claiming imminent domain for a wall the next?


Now we know why republicans are so scared of AOC. She pulled too hard on her bootstraps!


Medicare for Strawmen?


A bartender who majored in international relations and economics at Boston University, graduating cum laude in 2011. In what area of study is your degree?


Pharmaceutical companies must be in her pocket, especially when America eats 150 pounds of sugar a year.


“A serious medicare for all question for A.O.C”

@altair1013, I don’t think A.O.C. reads this board. Maybe you should tweet her your question.


medicare can only afford cyanide pills for you…



She finally got her first big girl job. We’ll wait to see what her life’s first real accomplishment turns out to be. But we may be waiting a while.


She’s the left wing Sarah Palin.


My guess is her accomplishments will be better than Paul Ryan’s.


AOC can name newspapers that she reads.


Yes she would be ok with that plan for herself.


I’d say earning a job as a US congressmen is a real accomplishment few can match.


To interject, those who can afford it will always get the best, that is not going to change, even with a so called Medicare for all system. Congress makes more than double the average salary, they work for the govt, they control the purse strings, and they make the laws. I can remember several times they flipped the bird to their constituents and kept their sweetheart medical plans when it seemed change was actually afoot. It will never change. They should definitely have very good medical plans, I’ll say that much.


If Ryan is the standard. I wouldn’t bet against her. Or anyone for that matter.


Or maybe Medicare for all could be everyone that doesn’t have company provided insurance?


Nope. It’s not. She convinced people to vote for her. She has yet to accomplish anything.