A Note of Thanks


I couldn’t really tell from the picture. I thought it was one or the other. High Energy either way. Is he a “working dog” as in currently working cattle or something like that?

I have a Great Pyrenees which is a heard guard dog. He’s the best guard dog you could ever want. Soft spoken and gentle when all is well. But in the middle of the night when something is wrong…HE WILL WAKE YOU OUT OF A DEAD SLEEP.

Anyway your dog is beautiful from what I could tell. Love Australian Shepherds.


Thanks, I’ll show him your post.


Back atcha. This place has helped me become so much more informed on a number of topics and it’s because of the great posters across the political spectrum. I’m grateful.


I couldn’t agree more.


Great post Sneaky, and good for you for taking the high road.

I haven’t posted here for weeks, sometimes taking a break can be a good thing. It will be 10 years ago this January that I first joined, hard to believe that much time has passed!

Anyway, I want to dive into the NFL thread, not getting back into politics just yet. But in browsing through the Outside the Beltway I came across this and wanted to say I appreciate you guys and gals.


I’ve had a few posts of mine removed because someone complained about them, so I’ve certainly been guilty, but I try to keep it civil and respectful, I really do. While I don’t spend as much time here as most it seems, I do occasionally find stimulating discussions that really make me think.

I respond to posts, regardless of who makes them and I have noticed that Sneaky seems to sneak into them quite often. That’s a compliment btw. You deserve a spot of thanks too, for putting some thought and reason into your topics before posting them.


Hey great post Sneak and I agree with everything you said.

As a token of good will, I will now change my avatar to a puppy…


That’s the spirit!


I am very disappointed in how this didn’t work out.


Just post and skip the melodrama. There are plenty of quality posters here, if it’s not up to one’s elite standards why dredge this up?


Hey, how interesting. It was 11 years ago this January that I first joined! I went and looked it up after reading your post. I had lurked for quite some time before joining.

Thank you to Sneaky for the thread.



This is why this thread did not work out.


You had me at vehement vitriol.




That’s been tried. Look where it went.


Where it went?

I see a forum full of people having discussions.


You see what you want to see.


Do you?

Because I don’t.

I can tell you what I see. But I’ll reserve my thoughts behind the scene.


This forum isn’t perfect, but it’s a lovely spot on the internet. It’s a bright spot where those who disagree debate.

The internet is full of Nazis and racists who celebrate the suffering of others, like the explosion of the gas line. They give fleas to those who hang with them.

It’s always harder being on the defense. It was hard when a non current, moral man was president. I imagine it’s extremely hard to defend Trump.



Then you’re reading a different forum.