A Note of Thanks


I would like to take a moment to express my thanks to the old time members from both sides of the spectrum who have made an an effort to return the forum to our usual state of antagonistic dissent.

It seems like during and immediately after the election, we crossed some kind of line.

I was here in the dark days of all that darth crap. I didn’t care for secret societies then and I don’t now.

If I personally offended anyone; I apologize. I love a good debate and can take it as well as dish it out. I don’t like vehement vitriol and it seemed to me we went there for a while. Let it get personal.

Beware of staring into the abyss.

Now; Lay on McDuff and be damned him that first cries “Hold!”

Get rid of those ■■■■■■■ Mueller avatars or I’m going to make the 10 hours of Hillary cackling video my calling card.:rofl:

Only puppies are acceptable.

Ayn Rand and a Moral Basis for Being a Sociopath
Ayn Rand and a Moral Basis for Being a Sociopath
Ayn Rand and a Moral Basis for Being a Sociopath
Ayn Rand and a Moral Basis for Being a Sociopath
Ayn Rand and a Moral Basis for Being a Sociopath
Ayn Rand and a Moral Basis for Being a Sociopath

You’re not a Trumpist, but of all those who I regularly engage here in an antagonistic capacity I respect you most.

Maybe I just understand your ■■■■■■ up sense of humor as kith and kin to my own. :wink:


You’re one of the good ones.


That durn englishman @MoleUK is another one. I severed relations with the english in 1776, but I can’t quit him.


I definitely went a little more personal with some of my posts than I normally try to and ate a short time out for it. There is nothing wrong with a spirited debate, but sometimes the blatant trolls get to be a little frustrating. In the future I just need to do a better job of ignoring those posters.


Thank you for contributing.


You’re a good egg Sneaky.


Thank you for your kind words.


Good post. I tend to agree.


I appreciate it.


As much as it pains me… good thread :hugs:


Thank you for contributing.

I need morphine now. :wink:


One thing that has made me rethink how i respond here is the rules for posting that was put up in the past week or so. I keep mine there as a reminder of how we should be toward one another. After 15 years on three different platforms i have felt a responsibility to try to elicit some decorum back to this current situation. I sometimes let my emotions get the best of me…and i get irritated and say something rude or out of character. I regret it almost immediately.

I write this hoping to do better…and help to always speak the truth…and call out those who do not hold to the true decorum that we should hold each other to. Disagree but don’t be disagreeable. If i remember that was always the standard for posting.


Thank you.


Love your new avatar Sneaky. He your dog?


Yes ma’am. Hondo.


Sorry I didn’t do it sooner. It was stuck in the notes of my phone, and I was trying to put them in the TOS. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you want to look at it, we don’t have full access to certain functions.

I think it worked out bannering the rules so posters had to acknowledge them to make it go away.

Thank you everyone for your contributions to this message board over the years.

Sorry I’ve given you all timeouts. Peace.


Is he a border collie Sneaky???


He’s a cutie!


Texan Shepherd. Most people call them Australian Shepherds for some weird reason.