100% renewable -- almost a 100% failure in Texas


But the entire premise of “we can’t do it this minute so we shouldn’t even try and it’s a failed technology” is idiotic at best.

The Tesla superchargers can get some decent range back in half an hour. Is it the same as a fill up station? Of course not. But it’s not “4 hours”. One could easily mange to grab lunch, etc and you could travel 500+ miles with a simple meal break.

And technology will continue to decrease in price coupled with an economy of scale. Plane travel was prohibitively expensive not that long ago. Now it’s dirt cheap. Computers used to cost a zillion dollars. Now everyone has one that’s 10x more powerful in their pocket than what used to cost $3k.

You’re screaming at the wind on this one.


Currently the main problem with going renewable on a massive scale is the backup grid is not insta-on insta-off.

It works ok currently when most of the primary grid is always on. But in order to switch even a large part of the country to renewables, you need either large scale storage ability, or back up generation on demand.


Unless those charging stations charge a car as fast as pumping gas into them, then it will be a awhile before we see more of them.


This is like somebody with a horse and buggy laughing at someone having automobile trouble back in 1925.

No vision.


I see a lot of the nay sayers in this thread using terms like “currently” and “at the moment.” As others have said, other technologies were not available to all or fully integraded in their infancies. Renewable energy can be benificial for all, with some new strides forward. This is something we should be excited to see suceed.


You libs don’t even care if families will be able to go to the Grand Canyon. What is happening to my country?


No if this isn’t 100% fully perfect and awesome at conception then it’s proof that #fakeenergy suxxors. Abandon ship! Climate scientists are gey commies. Solyndra crashes the economy. Lol.


You’d go broke where I live on the how often you’d have to rent a car. In a rural area and It’s not uncommmon to have a 200/300 mile round trip up to the big city in a day. This week it’s a 500 mile round trip for a weekend get a way. To rent a car for those two days – about 100 bucks. I’ll spend less than that in gas there and back and running around.


I don’t travel beyond my commute or my hometown very often.

It just depends on the mood I’m in more than anything else. I prefer a manual transmission and those are nearly impossible to find to rent so I’ll take my car on trips on occasions.

But ultimately it’s that battle between keeping miles off of the car. I’m trying to time it where I’ll have the car paid off when the warranty expires.


Tesla model 3 – they haven’t produced the so called economy version yet. Right now the cheap one’s are 50 grand. Model X is higher priced. So you’ll need a second car 20 to 30 grand.

Don’t know many average american’s who have 70 grand sitting around for two cars. Even a 5 to 10 k second car is 55 grand – don’t know how many people have that sitting around. So you’ve got two car payments, double the car insurance.

I’m nit picking on this?


Yes because its a newer technology…you dont have a mass floood in the market for these cars like you do with gas powered or diesel…but the trends are moving towards these type of cars and trucks…

I thought the economy was good and people are making money…including raises?

Like in all things snow…it dependa on what you qant out of life…i see tons and i mean tons of 50k trucks on the road…
The market allows for choice…so yes you are nitpicking


why is it when everyone talk about renewable they don’t talk about Nuclear?


What’s the max carrying load of a Tesla? What’s the max towing capacity?


Just as we’ve discussed for years, nuclear waste and especially since Fukishima nuclear reactors scare the hell out of people.


I did in another thread.

Example, a small nuke plant was proposed in Utah in 2007. Estimated cost was 3 billion.

Now we are in 2019, and they are just now letting contracts for some of the stuff that will make it work. They are doing that even though there are several lawsuits (mainly from environmental wako’s) that havn’t been resolved. last estimate 2030 is when the plan may come on line at a cost of 13 to 20 billion dollars.

And again, this is a small plant that may be built in the middle of nowhere. You get a much larger plant and in a more populated area (state), it will take twice as long and twice the cost.


Strictly speaking nuclear isn’t renewable.