100% renewable -- almost a 100% failure in Texas


Not sure. There have been towns that are easily powered by nearby hydroelectric or others such as in Iceland where geothermal is easily accessed.

I just find the idea that one failure represents the failure of a concept to be a little bit erroneous.


They need Al Gore to teach them about how Renewable energy works.
and how to handle their money also. lol.


I live in Texas. We have charging stations at the mall near my neighborhood. Times are changing. And for anyone taking a long road trip, renting a car vs putting a ton of miles on your car is definitely a good idea.


Before we can look toward 100% solar or wind as replacement for high capacity fossil fuel fired plants…

… … … … … … Wait for it…

… … … … … … … … … … We have to solve the large scale storage problem.

(Which even then might require some smaller fossil fuel plants to top off the large scale storage from time to time might be required)


It doesn’t matter China will soon cover the planet with Carbon and we will all ‘Melt’.:sunglasses:


Yeah. We need to beat them to it. I’m not going to have us sit back and let the Chinese destroy the planet before us.


Too late for that they are producing more carbon than the E.U. and the U.S. combined. Sprinkle in a little India and Russia coal production. But we do have the Tesla car which is cool


Power generation and the electrification of vehicles are two totally different things. Power generation is much more complicated in regards to switching to more environmentally friendly resources.

You shouldn’t lump them together.

As much as I love the ICE it’s end is coming in the next few decades. There isn’t much more we can fundamentally do to make them cleaner or more efficient.


Most people use their cars for their daily commute, which for most people is less than 50 miles. Electric cars excel in this region since you are no where near expending the battery within a 100-200 mile radius.

For longer trips it is much more complicated. It’s doable but it requires one to think about where they are going to end up when the battery is running dry and if they have a reasonable place to charge. But for 90% of the year for 90% of the people an electric car makes perfect sense for the daily commute.



The farthest I will drive my car under normal circumstances (aka not an emergency) is 150 miles. Anything more than that and I’m going to rent just to save the miles on my engine and transmission.

Depreciation hits you harder the more miles you put on the ride. The only exception to that rule is Tacomas and Jeeps which never seem to depreciate until they are a decade old and finally crack 200,000 miles.


Not at all. This country is downright habitable. We have a lot of catching up to do.


In business, there’s an accounting done every month and a bad idea, gets exposed pretty quickly. It doesn’t take long before the negative return is recognized, modified or eliminated. That’s good business knowing the alternative is bankruptcy. Politicians, politics and government are not held to any such standard and the net result is often a abysmal financial mess.


The smart businesses know how to exploit society. Make the public pay the price while they reap the benefits.

That’s our carbon based economy.


That’s just silly. You’re completely ignoring the 2008 financial crisis.


I would take 80 percent renewable any day. It would probably save the human species over time.


When the measures are wrong, business is just as bad as, if not worse than, government.

And our measures for business are wrong.


I have a cousin that has one of each. Realistically that’s probably how it’s gonna have to be for near future at least.


You seem gleeful at the thought of renewable energy failing.

Isn’t humanity’s long term survival and prosperity important to you?


Well my mind is blown…


No it doesnt…all this is nitpicking…